How to Screw Logitech Brio on a Tripod

So I wondered why the Logitech C922 and C930e had screw thread for a tripod mount but the Logitech Brio couldn’t screw into a camera tripod mount. Turns out it took some basic figuring out and then I was able to remove the Logitech Brio monitor clamp so that you can screw it into a camera tripod mount or another screw mount.

The BRIO camera has a snap in webcam clamp and you can simply pull it out, do not unscrew the default monitor mount on the Logitech BRIO webcam, you simply pull it out.  If you try to screw it out with the little micro screw, this will break it so you can’t remove it, make sure you leave it alone and just pull it straight out without turning or rotating it like I show you in the video below.


Removing the Logitech BRIO webcam clamp was much easier than I realized ones I figured it out, and now my Logitech BRIO can screw into my monitor camera mount on my MSI Optix MPG341CQRV.

The Logitech BRIO is the best 4k webcam I have found and you only get better quality by paying for a DSLR which is far more expensive in my opinion.

What Monitor is that with a Webcam mount?  This is the MSI Optix MPG341CQRV which is the only MSI monitor I know of that comes with an included webcam mount, not even the CQR model comes with a webcam mount as part of the monitor package.


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