Look at SEOPressor Even if You Use WordPress SEO by Yoast

I am one of those bloggers who rarely pay for plugins or themes unless there is no free plugins out there that can achieve the same features and functionality.  I would even combine 2 or 3 plugins to achieve the same functionality but when a premium plugin comes along and has the functionality of 5,6 or 7 free plugins then it is something I think worth taking a seriously good look at.

SEOPressor V5 was one of those plugins that at first I didn’t think would be needed or necessary if you use WordPress SEO by Yoast but in digging deeper and finding the additional features and functionalities built into SEOPressor V5 which didn’t exist in WordPress SEO I became convinced this was one great plugin worth purchasing even if you already use WordPress SEO by Yoast (especially if you were using All in One SEO Pack).

SEOPressor V5 has a nice ability to overwrite Titles and always make sure the Keyword chosen is in the meta Title.


Like WordPress SEO by Yoast, SEOPressor V5 will optimize the WordPress URI slugs by removing stop words.  But SEOPressor V5 will also allow you to customize and specify the list of words which will automatically get trimmed from the post URI before you publish the post.


SEOPressor V5 will automatically have the option to append extra tags to your WordPress tags based on related keywords.  This is especially helpful if you have your tags indexed by Google as it will create more SEO optimized tags showing up in your Sitemap.


SEOPressor V5 also has an option to add NoFollow tags to all external links and all image links to greatly lower the amount of PR juice leaking out of posts.  This is a good way to instantly trim thousands of outbound links and help preserve that PR for your posts if you are trying to have your posts climb PR rankings which in turn can help in the SERP placement.


SEOPressor V5 is designed with some impressive role based capabilities around multi-author blogs which allow you to fine tune control over the SEO and give various options to specific WordPress roles.


And my favorite feature of SEOPressor V5 which can’t be found in WordPress SEO by Yoast is the Minimum SEO Score.


Minimum Score allows you to set exactly what it says, a minimum score that must be met before you can submit the post for review or publish it.  It will only allow you to save the post to draft until you update the post so that it meets the score you determine as the minimum.  This is ideal if you allow guest bloggers or have a writing staff and want to instill or require that the writers for your blog meet a minimum SEO optimization level for their posts and can save editors and blog administrators time.

It also helps keep your writers focused on SEO, but you should always give disclosure and proper training as it may annoy guest bloggers if you don’t be up front about it and provide the proper training.

SEOPressor has some impressive features that help it go a little above WordPress SEO by Yoast, but WordPress SEO by Yoast still supports the SiteMap replacement, Open Graph image configurations and so I wouldn’t say SEOPressor completely replaces WordPress SEO by Yoast, it compliments it and helps ensure additional SEO optimization is done and provides a more thorough scoring instead of just a red, yellow, green code to represent the SEO optimization level of posts.


OddBlogger is giving away 3 licenses to SEOPressor V5 right now and I encourage you to enter to win a copy of SEOPressor V5 you may just get lucky!  The giveaway ends on 5/22!

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