Looking for a 12-inch monitor? Check out the Eyoyo K1223 LCD monitor

Do you need a small monitor to watch TV or play?

The monitor is a comfortable way to view content in good quality, although you can find monitors of different sizes and resolutions, the truth is that portable monitors are a good option if you have a small space in your home. The 12-inch monitors are an ideal size for watching TV or playing games. You should keep in mind that 12-inch monitors are small in size, so placing this at a distant distance will make it difficult to view the content you play. These types of monitors work well in small rooms, plus they have power consumption, so if you have a portable power station you could use it during travel. Before buying a monitor, you should make sure that it includes the main ports (HDMI and VGA) because it is common for budget monitors to only include one type of video port (usually VGA).

The 12-inch Eyoyo K1223 monitor is an option to consider if you want to get a small monitor, but one that is capable of delivering a clear image. This monitor will work well for most everyday tasks (watching TV and playing). This monitor could also function as a primary or secondary display of your computer. If you are looking for a monitor with these features you would surely like to know more about this product.

Features of the 12-inch monitor Eyoyo K1223

The Eyoyo K1223 is an ideal monitor for watching movies, watching TV, and playing games. With a size of 12 inches, this monitor will work properly in small homes, it is also ideal for use in bedrooms. The main feature of this monitor is that it includes 4 video ports (HDMI, VGA, AV, and VNC) so you can play video from most video devices. This monitor will work well as a second PC screen, plus you can also use it to play from a game console (PS4, PS5, Xbox One series X, and any console that works with HDMI input). Another feature of this monitor is that the screen has a resolution of 1366 x 766, which is enough to appreciate a clear image. Eyoyo also incorporates speakers for this monitor, so you won’t need to buy external speakers. This monitor also allows you to adjust the angle, this allows you to move the monitor with ease. An easy-to-install stand is included, this way your monitor will be safe and stable, avoiding an accident. If you wish, you can also install this monitor on the wall. Finally, remote control is included so you can set up the monitor more comfortably.


The 12-inch Eyoyo K1223 LCD monitor is an option to consider if you’re looking for something economical, yet functional. This monitor available for $ 100 offers good image quality, plus includes speakers. 4 different video ports ((HDMI, VGA, AV, and VNC) are included. It also includes a stand that keeps the monitor fixed, avoiding accidents. Ideal for bedrooms.

You can buy this item here: Amazon.com: Eyoyo 12″ Inch TFT LCD Monitor with AV HDMI BNC VGA Input 1366×768 Portable Mini HD Color Screen Display with Built-in Speaker : Electronics

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