Lugulake Vintage Looking Bluetooth Speaker Review

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This vintage looking Bluetooth Speaker from Lugulake has a ton of features, so before I go through and showcase the review I want to just let you know that the PA System feature I was not able to test as I did not have a microphone for this function.  So every feature of this product has been tested except the microphone input and using it as a PA system for maybe when you are hosting a party and want to use it like a loud speaker over it’s music or radio playing functions…etc.

Let’s begin showcasing the Lugulake Vintage Bluetooth Speaker with the Unboxing Video

What you get in the Lugulake Vintage Bluetooth Speaker Box

In the box itself is the speaker unit with handle already attached, a manual, the USB cable, AC adapter and the remote control.  You do not get a microphone or microphone adapter which would have been nice to bundle considering the price.

This unit does show off its high quality wood and metal, first and foremost is the large speaker grill in the front and the large volume dial on the front face as well which turns very smoothly.

The Lugulake logo is embossed on the top of the speaker part and the speaker is large.

This speaker weighs almost 10 pounds so naturally the handle has to be able to support the weight, but also be comfortable to hold and it is.  It fits right in and has no issues that I can find in it.

Next we look at all the buttons and dials on the top of the Lugulake Vintage Bluetooth speaker.

You can read from the picture above of course, but from left to right you get your DC input for powering the speaker and charging the built in battery.  The power switch itself which is an old style toggle switch, and the AUX input so that you can use a regular non-Bluetooth MP3 player or 3.5mm audio output cable and pipe it to the speaker.  You get the mic volume which is for the PA system and mic input which I was not able to test.  The microphone priority, original song accompaniment are used for the Karaoke feature of the PA system which I also didn’t test.  The Source changes the input source from Bluetooth, Radio, AUX…etc.  You get your standard previous, play/pause (radio scan), next track and the ability to record whatever audio to a MicroSD card you have inserted.  This allows you to record your Karaoke sessions or record Radio songs to SD card for example.  You also have the button to play your recording next to it.

You get your Equalizer button, TWS which stands for True Wireless Stereo and I wasn’t able to test this feature as it requires 2 of these speakers and I was only sent one to review.  With this feature each speaker acts as a specific left or right channel instead of your speaker just being a single stereo output source.  If you really want to host a huge party outside and have a need to separate left and right channel audio then having a pair of these speakers will accomplish that.

Finally you get your echo dial which affects how much your voice echo’s while speaking.

On the back of the speaker you see the whole for the subwoofer, again this speaker packs 25watts of power and has very decent range and bass, but for the price I have tested speakers with more power and bass for a lower price, just not ones with as many functions rolled into one feature.

Below is a sound test of the Vintage Bluetooth Speaker and video review

Overall I would have to say if you have a need for a party speaker this one fits all the right checkboxes and is just awesome, it is generally too large and bulky to be say a bedroom end table speaker, and is designed for entertainment for a living room or backyard party.  The price is a bit high but the build quality and feature set are also premium and may justify the cost if you need all the bells and whistles that this Bluetooth Speaker comes with. The style is very Steampunkish, old vintage retro which I really liked.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.