What Makes the YI M1 Mirrorless Camera the Best Among its Class

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As we move ahead in this technologically advanced era where innovations in every tech sector have become a part and parcel of our daily lives, cameras are not left behind in this race. With a lot of different types of cameras like Quantum Dots, DSLR, Mirrorless and many more coming to market it becomes difficult for a consumer to choose the best camera according to his needs.  But the latest market trends seems to be taken by the mirrorless cameras, and the reason for that is not surprising as these camera are far better than previous generations of digital cameras.

In a mirrorless camera when capturing the images, it’s light passes directly to image sensor from the lens which captures the image display to get a glimpse of the image on rear screen which makes it much more efficient in terms of having a smaller body size and weight and produces high quality images as it doesn’t require any prism like in a DLSR for getting the image view to be high quality. Now the question arises is it worth it to buy a mirrorless camera instead of traditional DSLR or other camera which is being used to produce high quality images for photographers from long time.

The answer to the above question is YES, the aesthetic premium design along with it being light weight and having a more compact body which is easy to fit anywhere with superior auto-focus capabilities and higher shutter speeds which allow you to capture more images in less time definitely makes it a nice buy for both novice and experts as it’s easy to control and gives good performance.

The only downside I found in a mirrorless camera is that currently there is a smaller selection of lens and accessories for them in market,but I think as we move forward with more innovation and advancements, you will get to see more high end gear for mirrorless camera’s in future.

Being said that let me bring to your attention to a nice mirrorless camera from YI ,the great YI M1 mirrorless camera which is capable of producing 4k videos along with awesome quality images as it possess a 20MP IMX 269 sensor to give you images to cherish for ever.

The Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera comes with a 3-inch touch screen for effortless camera controlling and use, not to mention that it supports up to 512GB of Memory via an SD Card which allows you to capture lots of pictures and videos in high resolution. The M1 Camera package comes with 2 high quality camera lenses having an Aperture of 12-40 mm with a Focal length of 3.5- 5.6 and a 42.5mm with an Aperture of 1.8 mm.  Other included items are the single mirrorless camera, camera strap, USB cable, lens cover, power adapter along with the battery and user manual.

The Yi M1 Camera also comes with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 for effortless sharing of your awesome pictures and videos with your friends and family on social media. The M1 Camera weighs around 280 grams and has physical dimensions of 4.47 x 1.32 x 2.53 inches. The Yi M1 is stocked with a 900mAh Li-ion battery and supports only 3 languages as of now including Chinese, English and German. This camera is loved by lots buyers who gave it 5 star ratings on Gearbest and so will you once you buy it.

Checkout this unboxing video given below to get a glimpse of the what it looks like before you go ahead and press the buy now button to get some more insight about this camera

So what are you waiting for guys, go ahead and buy one YI M1 for yourself from gear best with discount to capture your happy memories with friends and family forever.

SPECIAL:  This camera with 2 lenses retails for $620 on Gearbest right now, but from now until 7/30 you can pick up this M1 Camera with Dual Lenses for only $399.99 if you use coupon code GB3TRDY at checkout.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.