Review of the MARVO CM373 RGB Keyboard Mouse Combo

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So recently Merl was sent the compact mechanical keyboard and mouse combo from MARVO known as the CM373.  Both the keyboard and mouse are RGB and have their own software to customize the various RGB colors, cycling and buttons and both pair very well together.  The keyboard is a very slim and compact 87-key keyboard and you can purchase the Blue Switch or Red Switch version of the combo.

See the MARVO CM373 Unboxing Video

The Keyboard Mouse Combo does look amazing, and Merl stated that he loved the travel, the sound and mechanically it is very solid.  He liked the weight of both the keyboard and the mouse and the keyboard is dense and will not move with fast rapid typing. The response rate is great on both keyboard and mouse as well but I think the DPI button being the 6th button the mouse is kind of cheaty but hey it works. He pushed the keyboard and it took everything he could give it and was asking for more so that is great.


Now, some minor challenges Merl had with the keyboard is that it could have more clear on where to go to get the custom software right in the box, because if you bought the product from Amazon instead of MARVO Direct website, you may not know where to get the software for it.  Here is the software download page for MARVO products. You do have to download the software from MARVO site but it wasn’t obvious from the package itself that you had to go get the software.  One other note is that the RGB pattern customizations that you can select with the software are isolated to the keys themselves only. The rainbow pattern around the edges of the keyboard are ‘fixed’ so you can end up with mismatching patterns of color between the keys and the honeycomb colors between the keys which can make it appear uncoordinated and not as aesthetically pleasing.

It would have been nice if the RGB was capable of reading the controller at the motherboard level through USB like some brands can, and you can simply synchronize the RGB with all your accessories, like MSI Mystic Light or ASUS Aura for example.  Having separate software for the keyboard and mouse was not ideal, would have been nice if the same software could have configured both products with 1 software install as well.

Finally, during long hours of usage make sure you realize this is a GAMING keyboard. He wouldn’t recommend you use it for standard office work. Just typing out this message, even with the ‘comfortable’ wrist rest was making his hands/ arms/ wrists hurt from it having such a compact  design.  You can kind of see an example of how compact the keyboard is with hands below.

But overall the product for the price provides good value and is really nice looking and works well, if you prefer 87-key keyboards that are uber compact then this would be an ideal option, but for those who prefer larger keyboards it is quite compact and may be too much so for some.  The quality of the mechanical keys and mouse are good, the honey comb design just meshes well, just wish the RGB color synchronization between the honeycomb pattern and keys was done better personally.

Check Out the MARVO CM373 Color Pattern and Test Showcase

Pick up the MARVO CM373 Combo now from MARVO Direct!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.