May Loot Crate unboxing


For those who are not  familiar with what Loot Crate is, it is a box of fun things that get mailed to you once a month.  The fee for this starts at $13.37 per month depending on your country plus shipping. Inside you will get over $40 worth of stuff that include a t-shirt and usually 6-8 epic geek items.  You also get a chance once a month to win the mega crate valued at over $750. You can also order block plans that will save you a bit more as well.


Inside everything is always packed neat and securely.  I love this months shirt.  You will always get the right size as you pick your size when you make your account.  These shirts are great quality and always fit the monthly theme. Each month is something different.



Next we got a figure from Adventure time.  There are `12 different ones out for this so you could get something different than I did. Let me know what you got.  I got the cosmic owl.  It comes in a cute collector tin so its like 2 gifts in 1.


Then we have the Minecraft Hangers. There are 10 different ones available to collect.  Let me know what you got?  This is made from a strong plastic so the sword is not flimsy. I’m sure my daughter will have stolen this by the end of the day.


I got my membership card. never got one of these before so not sure if this is something new ? There is also a Zelda pin with the theme stamped on it and a couple of packs of stickers and temporary tattoos. There is also a cute keychain / bottle opener that reads ” It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”   The memorable quote from the 1986 action-adventure Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda.


Last but not least we got some more stickers and a soundtrack CD from the tv show The Friend Zone. I think this is a MTV show, not sure as this I do not watch.  Don’t know if this was just something extra to throw in?  If you know what this is let me know.


If you are interested in signing up to get your monthly box make sure to not wait. The amount sold every month is limited to a first come, first serve and does sell out.  Make sure to sign up for yours before its too late.


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