Mixcder MSH169 Computer Speaker Review

So after having the Mixcder MSH169 speakers for roughly three weeks now, I’ve been able to step back and truly make a judgment on these speakers… the design is what sold me, not the sound. Here’s what I got from these speakers:


  • Highs – The highs on this speaker are okay. They’re not the loudest speakers but they’re also not the quietest. Although they do seem well balanced when turned up to loud volumes, the voices don’t distort, they muffle. The voices sound kind of dampened. It’s a bit odd.
  • Mids – The mids on this speaker actually do have a decent oomph to them. They’re rich when not overly loud and play the music “true to sound”
  • Lows – Now what I am about to explain may be my own fault for assuming. Anyways, what I always do first when testing speakers of any sort is listen to the music at fifty percent volume. Whenever I heard the mids on this speaker I immediately assumed that the bass was going to be very solid and balance. That is not the case, however. I always play the same song which has a nicely balanced bass/vocal range, which is “Till I Collapse” by Eminem (judge me). Whenever the bass finally “dropped” I was severely confused. The bass sounded blown out, even at fifty percent volume. As I turned the volume up the bass distortion only got worse.


Now I do not want to talk all bad about these speakers because it would be unfair and I’d be lying if I said there was nothing good about them. For one, these speakers are excellently crafted and designed. I love the design. The color scheme, light gold and silver look absolutely great on my desktop. They feel very solid and don’t have any “ghost parts”, which means they don’t have any parts that are flimsy and loose. I like the fact that they design these speakers to stand out. Which is what they do. The very first thing I actually noticed was how nice they looked out of the box. Check out some pictures of these speakers, below:

IMG_7110 IMG_7113

Overall, these speakers are okay. I have heard better in this price range, but I also have many others a LOT worse. Check out my video review I’ve uploaded with this review. If this helped you, let me know! Check out the video below to see a sound test and an unboxing!


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