Mobile Games Similar To Minecraft.

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Everybody has heard of Minecraft at this point, it’s a huge game with a global audience. It’s a game that brings together people of all age groups and ethnicity to game and experience an open sandbox world. Which is why we’re bringing to you this article on mobile games that are similar to the Minecraft experience.

For those of you who don’t know what Minecraft is, we’re assuming you’re living under a rock – blatantly ignorant in your bliss. It’s an open sandbox world where you can build, craft, mine, fight enemies, and even compete with friends. There are different modes that you can experiment with or stick to your preferred playstyle. Either way, the game probably has something for you.

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Alright, enough stalling, let’s get into the article for mobile games that are similar to Minecraft!



Terraria Mobile

Probably one of the more famous options when it comes to Minecraft-like games, Terraria is basically what Minecraft would look like as a 2D side-scroller. Even so, Terraria has its own charm and can hold its own – which is rather evident as it is available on almost every platform out there. Not to mention the fact that it has sold millions of copies since its release.

In Terraria’s sandbox world, players can build, craft, explore and fight creatures in a procedurally generated world. The game also uses pixel graphics which gives the appearance of a cute NES game, but don’t be fooled! The creatures and enemies you will encounter are as tough as modern-day Metroid bosses. 

There are also NPCs available for you to interact with as well as difficulty modes for those who would like more of a challenge.



Roblox Mobile

Another game that seems to be picking up speed, Roblox! There is a debate on whether to call Roblox a game or simply a game-creating platform, but we’ll save that for another day. In Roblox, there are thousands of games created by players for everyone to try out. It shares similarities with Minecraft in terms of world-building and the idea that players are free to do whatever they want, but that might be where it ends.

Roblox is fit for those who are interested in world-building and eventually, game development. Aside from experiencing other player’s creations, there are all sorts of things that you yourself can create, which makes it hard to get tired of. 

Essentially when it comes to this game, the world is yours and what you make of it.


Cube World

If you’ve ever wanted to experience an action RPG but with Minecraft graphics, then Cube World might be it for you. Players will get to choose what class they wish to play in, go on quests, craft items, help others and explore the massive procedurally generated world. 

Its developers were inspired by the likes of World of Warcraft and Legends of Zelda, which is evident in the game.

It’s basically a fantasy RPG with simpler voxel graphics. You’ll be able to fight monsters, earn gold and collect magical artifacts that would help you in your quests. The game accommodates well to your playstyle and choices. You could choose to be a Warrior, Mage, Ranger, or Rogue just like most fantasy RPGs.


Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

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The premise for this game is simple, survive. Minecraft’s Creepers does take the cake for being creepy with terrifying scares, but the creatures in Don’t Starve are pretty strong contenders. In this game, players would have to figure out how to survive in the wilderness through crafting. Did we mention that there are limited resources for you to survive on as well? Tough luck.

The worst is when night comes and darkness falls, as you never know what lurks in the night. Here, anything can be the death of you – hunger, the cold, creepy creatures, or the unknown. The game has also won over the favor of gamers with its gothic graphics and aesthetic, which is a nice touch. 

Don’t Starve is already pretty well known for being a tough survival game for those who are up for a challenge.


The Blockheads

A 2.5D survival game that’s a cross between The Sims and Minecraft, The Blockhead allows you to control a character (dubbed a blockhead) as you try to survive. It has all the sandbox elements of Minecraft with the incorporation of health and life just like The Sims

The factors that you will need to look after would be health, energy, happiness, environment, and hunger. So remember that as you direct your little blockhead around.

It’s a simpler game when compared to Minecraft, but the basic elements such as building, crafting, and exploring are there for you to play around with. Of course, there are animals and creatures that you need to fight with or defend your shelter from as well. There’s also a multiplayer mode and PvP mode for those who want a slightly more fun experience with friends. 


Pixel Worlds: MMO Sandbox

Pixel Worlds is a fun mix between an MMO and a sandbox game, which in this case – Minecraft. The game lets you create, craft, build, mine, and go on unique adventures. There are dungeons for you to explore alone or with other people. All this with your own little pixelated character running around.

Just like most MMOs, this game allows you to join in existing servers and play with other people globally. Either that or you can start your own server and allow other players to join you. The best part is the cross-platform feature, anyone playing with a PC or Mac can join in with those playing on their mobile devices and vice versa. 

This game is best for those who want to be social whilst never leaving the comforts of their home – which is understandable in this pandemic.



Well, there you have it! If you get tired of playing Minecraft but are still not ready to let it go, hopefully, these games could help you transition into newer experiences with a hint of the old. Do let us know if there are any other sandbox games that you think should make it onto this list in the comments below!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.