More Technology Equals More Power Consumption

I have had problems finding enough free outlet space in my office as of late, with my multitude of electronic devices I am already peaked out with four power strips and consuming every free outlet slot I have available to me. The last thing I need is to trip the power in the middle of the night and be stuck without Emergency Lighting installed in the home. I would have to fumble my way downstairs outside and to the power box. My motion based Floodlights are on the same circuit as my office I think, so they wouldn’t be working if this scenario occurred and I would be trying and find the right breaker and switch to flip power back on with my fingers dancing around the circuit breaker like I was reading braille.

This is a scenario I don’t want happening, so I may have to upgrade my circuits as I have no less than 4 power strips in my one office that are all sharing a 15 amp circuit, seriously 24 electronic power drawing devices in a single room, and all related to computer equipment, this wasn’t my audio center in my house with my receiver, dvd players, hdtv and the 15 or so electronic devices hogging power in the room downstairs.

Technology is power hungry, and I am running out of power to keep all my devices powered up and plugged in from a single room without upgrading my circuits soon. Maybe I should invest in Solar panels for the roof so I can at least be somewhat more green in my power consumption.

-Dragon Blogger

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