MOSONTH 1080P Webcam with Mic Review

So a webcam with a ring light can really make for a better road warrior experience being that it is one thing less to carry separately. This MOSONTH webcam which has a build in square ring light was designed to help give you a better webcam experience than your laptop webcam while also negating the need for you to purchase a separate selfie ring light.

This is my review showing it off and thoughts.


Video Review of the MOSONTH 1080P Webcam with Ring Light

So this fixed focus webcam has the built in square ring light but the focal distance and illumination distance are a little out of sync, the camera focus point is just slightly further than where the light can penetrate and illuminate meaning you still need another light source. Or you have to be close enough for the ring light to reach you and be slightly blurry. The webcam quality is not bad at the right focus distance of around 6-10″ from the webcam, but it really is meant for being on the desk tripod or a laptop as putting it on top of a monitor keeps it further than the fixed focal distance it is meant to be at in most cases. The other point is the microphone is not good, keeping it lower on sensitivity and voice is too low, boost sensitivity and everything is too buzzy, too much background noise is picked up. If you use the webcam you are better off using a lapel mic or another mic source, as the mic is the weakest link.

Overall the webcam worked fairly well as long as you are close to the webcam, so it makes it ideal for laptops rather than larger monitors that you sit further away from.  The microphone however is not very good and you are better off with using a headset or USB mic or too much background noise is picked up and sounds are a bit distorted.





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