My Sword an Android Bible Program

No, this isn’t some hack and slash game, it is however, a very well made bit of software.


For years I have used a free Bible program on the Pc called E-Sword. Now there is an app for the Android called My Sword. It is a bit different than the PC version but it does much of the same things.

What I like most about it is that it is free. And just because it doesn’t cost anything, does not mean it is a “lite” version. This program packs more power into t that many paid Bible applications available on the market.

There are a large number of free Bible translations available, and when you go to download, modals, as they call it, you choose your language. Since I only speak English, I will have to restrict my comments to what is available there. But, what is available is a great mix of older and newer material.

Not only can you download Bibles, but commentaries, dictionaries and reference materials. All of these bits add up to a nice sized library of Biblical wealth. Everything is laid out in an easy to navigate manner as well. You can be reading a verse, highlight it, and click onto the commentary to see what it says, then back again with little to no troubles. I also like the fact that since I use an external SD card, I can set all of my data to that location. (I have had to reformat my tablet a few times and yet, all of my notes and highlights for My sword are still intact.)

Yes there are other Bible applications out there, but in my opinion, this one is by far the best. I would know as I have downloaded and tested dozens of them. My sword is by far the easiest and the most advanced program I have seen out there for the Android.

I will say as a side note, because I have witnessed this myself, some of the unusual translations of the Bible do appear to have errors. Yes, Man made mistakes or maybe it is a language thing. If you are in doubt about a certain module, try it, and if you don’t like it, then go back through the steps that you took when downloading it, and unselect it from the list. this will remove it from the phone or tablet. The ones that I found the spelling mistakes in were not the main translations that most of us use everyday.

Over all, I would say this is an excellent app. Whether you are a casual Bible reader, or a serious scholar, I think that you will agree that My Sword is a valuable tool, one that should be in every Christians phone or tablet.

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