New to Professional Printing? 8 Reasons You Should Try it!

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With advances in digital technologies, refinement of equipment and social media revolution, digital photography has never been so popular. There are so many aspiring photographers with the experience of capturing those once in a lifetime pictures, but the process does not end there; it takes even further skill and knowledge to transfer that image to print.

If you have spent time, effort and money on pricey equipment to capture your images, why let yourself down at the end of the process with inadequate printing? As with every other stage of photography, the smallest technical change can make the biggest difference to how your print turns out, so it’s important you are aware of what’s available in the printing services sector.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing basically refers to the process where any document is transferred from a place of storage, for example, camera, computer, disk, USB drive, etc. to a printing substrate. It is done with the help of a device that can understand and accept the data, be it in the form of text or graphic output. Previously, printing used to be done by lithography. But after the huge popularity of digital printing, mainly because of its high quality and low production cost, lithography has steadily become less and less popular.

Printing quality images has never been easier 

Digital printing converts image pixels on your screen into a hard-copy version that is printed using ink and paper with a digital printer. The printing takes place after the digital image has been captured and edited, using software and can be applied to a range of different materials. The versatility and low-costs involved, has created a wealth of options when it comes to printing images and marketing materials. In digital printing, as is the case with everything that is digital, the information that is in the document is converted into a binary code, which consists of different variations of 0 and 1 that make up the language of the computers.

It’s cutting edge technology 

Digital printing is the latest technique used to transfer images to hard-copy and while many photographers opt for more traditional methods, with the constant evolution of this type of printing, it has opened a whole new world of possibilities for marketers. It is the more advanced kind of printing, giving the user a lot of advantage over traditional printing or lithographic printing.

It makes a huge difference to the finished product

Photographers can debate about the best form of printing, but you can’t argue with the freedom digital printing offers. The editing options and advancement in technology allow for incredible control and almost endless options during the editing process that are unavailable using other techniques. Imagine taking a photo and not noticing something in the background at one side that is ruining your otherwise beautiful picture. All you need to do it just crop the picture a bit so that the picture is beautifully set and you are the center of the photograph, right? But even this super-easy touch to your photo is now possible because of the existence of digital printing!

How many times do you think people have actually posted a photo on Instagram without editing it at least a little bit? Quite never! Imagine a world where nobody can do those edits to their photos. Yes, that is what a world without digital printing is like. But thanks to digital printing, never before have you been able to edit, retouch and manipulate an image as you can with digital printing and it’s only getting better.

It’s open to everyone

Digital printing isn’t just for professional photographers. Whether you’re looking for marketing materials for your next business adventure or you took a picture on an advanced digital camera or an iPhone, there’s a thriving community of printers in Adelaide that can help you fulfil your printing needs. With extensive knowledgeable and premium printers available, it’s never been easier or more affordable to create professional, high-quality prints and business stationery.

It’s super cheap

Trust us, digital printing is absolutely affordable to everyone, and we mean it. Plus, there is always the option of choosing the quality of print you want. With the right printers and the right settings, you can get a digital print that will remind you of the last HD quality movie you had watched on your Smart TV. You can also ask for a regular quality that you can use for your project, your work or just attaching it in a card for a friend. Of course, the higher the quality, the more expensive it gets. But it will still be within your reach. This aspect of being completely affordable is one of the best reasons for so many people choosing digital printing over everything else now-a-days.

It’s hassle-free

Digital printing is completely hassle free! The reason behind this is that you can get the job done with almost any printer! Starting from old inkjets to the newer laser printers, any printer can get you a printed picture. Of course, there are better printers in the market for professional quality, but in case of emergencies, or when you are just not up for a trip to town, you can just get a copy printed from your home printer or the better one you have got at your office, without any extra work.

It saves time

Imagine you are in a hurry but you also want to make a customized handmade card for a friend. You have no idea how fast that it when you have got digital printing by your side!

All you need to do is pick a photo you had taken on a trip and get it printed, taking up half of a page. When it is nicely printed, you can fold the paper in half, and write a beautiful message on the blank spaces. Now your card is hand-made and customized, since you have added a very personal touch by providing a picture taken that you had taken yourself. And how many minutes do you think that would take? Just a few minutes. It is a dream come true at the very least!

You can get it printed anywhere!

Yes, you have heard us right. You can get anything you want printed anywhere you want. Do you want your photo on an offset paper, well, just get it printed from a regular printer. If you want your picture to look like a proper photograph on a harder paper, then just use the paper you want and get it printed from the same paper.

Now, let us say that you want your picture to be a part of a design you have made for a banner. You just need to get to a shop that prints on PVC (Poly-Vinyl-Chloride), which is the thick plastic sheets banners are usually made of, and they can print out your design on the specific size of banner you ask for, where your picture will flash with pride! You can even get prints on sticker papers that you can stick to various surfaces!

In a nutshell, digital printing has been nothing short of a revolution, and if you haven’t shifted to it yet, then you are definitely missing out on a lot!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.