NO.1 G6 Smartwatch Review

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

We’ve done quite a few smartwatch reviews in the past, and today we’re going to add another number to the count. Today we’ll be looking at the No. 1 G6 Smartwatch. In the past, we’ve also reviewed the No. 1 Sun S2 smartwatch, so lets see how far they’ve come with the G6 smartwatch.


The G6 comes in a rectangular white box with DT No.! written on it and artistic 1 created with different icons. So the boxing is similar as that of the G4.

On the right side of the box, we have a list of the G6 smartwatch specification. And that’s pretty much it on the box; other sides are plain white.

Once you pull off the top from the box, you can see the G6 smartwatch held in-between a foam housing for protection while shipping.

And below the foam was the charging cable and the instruction manual. For products like these, it is necessary to have a look at the instruction manual. Well, I’m going to just to go ahead and see how well I can operate the G6 smartwatch without needing the instruction manual. If I can make use of all the functions of the G6 without needing an instruction manual, that also tells how well the G6 OS and features are laid out.

Closer look:

So the G6 is a round shaped Smartwatch. It’s available in different colors and both steel and leather straps. The one we have for review is in steel strap and black color. Also worth mentioning is that there’s protective film on the screen.

On the right side, we have two buttons for the G6. The bottom one is used for power on/off, screen on/off and home while the one on top is used for back function. Just press down the power on button for a few seconds, and the watch will power up. Also, we can see that the steel strap of the G6 is really long like it would easily fit on a healthy person’s hand and still be saggy. I had to remove about 6 partitions from the strap to fit my hand.

On the left side, we have the charging port which is protected by a rubber cover. The G6 smartwatch is charged via microUSB cable.

The back seems pretty much like another screen though a very much scratched one. Well, one the back we have the Heart-Rate monitor which have a protective film on it as well. And on the corners, we have 4 screws that can be unscrewed for dismantling purpose.

Bluetooth Pairing.

The G6 can pair up with any smartphone right out of the box, but you won’t be able to use many of the features nor sync the timing on the smartwatch unless you download an accompanying application. There’s an icon called App in the watch menu, which after accessing shows a QR code. Scan the QR code with your smartwatch and you should be redirected to a web page showing you accompanying applications to download.

There is a total of 4 application for Android and 1 for iOS. Since I’m using Android smartwatch for the review purpose, I downloaded the FundoWear application.

FundoWear will ask you to set up a profile for yourself which can be accessed anywhere. So Once you’re done with the profile registration/login, just click on the + Icon on the bottom right and 3 new icons will appear. One of that Icon will be a Bluetooth icon, click on that, power on the Bluetooth on the G6 and it should appear in the list on the application.
The watch should appear as G6 in the list, just click on it, a notification will appear on the watch for pairing, confirm that, and we’re done with the connectivity.

Features and Layout:

The G6 is a feature packed smartwatch but most of which are not different than the G4. Once you’re on the home screen, just swipe your finger in any of the 4 directions, and you’ll be on the menu. The menu on G6 consists of 4 icons/applications. The other applications can be navigated by swiping the finger on the screen left or right while you can go back to the home screen by swiping either from top to bottom or bottom to top or just by pressing the back or home button.

AS for the feature goes, we have the Dialer, Contact List, SMS, Call Logs, Anti-Lost, Vibrator (but why???), Power Saving, Language, Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Sleep mode, Sedentary,Calendar, Stopwatch, Alarm, Calculator, Notifications, Music controller, Motion Settings, Theme, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Camera, and settings.

Now lets talk about some of the features in detail.
SMS: From here, you can see the SMS on your smartphone, and you can choose to reply or call them back directly from the watch. But you are not able to type a message directly from the watch; you can only used the pre-defined templates to reply back.

Anti-Lost: This is a great feature, and a must have for all the smartwatches. What it does is, start ringing your phone once you activate it. Even if your phone is in silent or vibrating mode, this feature will make the smartphone ring.

Language: In this menu, you can only change the auto-sync (not sure of what) and Name Display in weather First name or Last name. You can not change the language of the watch from here. For that, you’ll need to ask the store before purchasing the watch to set up a certain language.

Pedometer: The Pedometer keeps running even after you leave the application or turn of the screen. So it keeps recording your movement unless you stop it yourself.

Motion: From here, you can enable/disable 4 types of gesture movements that perform a certain function. These functions include Flip to mute incoming calls, Flip to mute alarm, Wake-Up Gesture and shake to answer calls.

BT Camera: From here, you can only press the capture button which will take the picture from the smartphone. It does not show the view from the smartphone’s camera. So it’s a pretty much useless feature unless you have your camera on a stand and taking a picture of yourself from a far. Talking about useless, we even have the vibrator feature, which does nothing but just vibrates the watch.

Settings: This is where you can play with most of the settings of the watch. You can enable/disable the Bluetooth and visibility here. You can select which clock to be displayed on the home screen. You can customize the Alert type and ringtone from here. You can also set the display brightness and screen time out from here. Then we have a menu called “International” here which is the same Language menu. Cannot change the Language from here either. You can also change the measurement units, uninstall all installed applications, reset, and view the About section of the smartwatch.

Themes: There are only 2 themes to select from. One is where the background is blank in the main menu while another one adds a bubble-y wallpaper to the background.


The notifier of the G6 needs a little work to be done on. The notification only works best with the default applications and playstore games, but it’s unable to show messages from some of the most used applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. It only shows that you have a notifications from X person in the following applications.

There’s a little work need to be done here. Also the notifications are only on screen for the while the backlit is one. Once the screen is turned off, the notifications are sent into a sub-menu. You can check all your missed notifications from there.



That’s how the FundoWear application looks like. At home, we can see the goals completed, steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. We can also monitor our sleep quality from here.

If you click on the three bars beside the home text on the top left corner, you can see some more options to play with. Like heart rate monitor, data sync, and more.

And within the settings tab, you can customize the user profile, which notifications to receive, and alert type where you can set up range and disconnection alert.


No.1 has also introduced WatchFace which is a website from where you can download customized Clocks or Watches for the home. To install a custom Watch Face, you will need to download any watch from the website that you like. Though make sure that you’re downloading the watches from the VXP section which is for the mediatek chipset devices like the No.1 G6. Once you’re downloaded the the desired watchface, Unrar/extract it and you should find yourself with three files. Just copy all the files and past them into your smartphone in the “appmanager” folder.

Now pair up your G6 with the smartphone, goto My Applications tab into the FundoWear, you’ll see your watch there. Press install and you’re good to use it.

Touch Screen:

The touchscreen of G6 Smartwatch is very responsive. I haven’t had any issues so far with the touch screen, like it being not responsive or the directions going haywire. But there’s one issue with the watch itself, which if you haven’t swiped the screen for menu or icons enough, it goes back to the previous screen within an instant. It leaves me sometimes confused on on the areas with too much text.


The G6 features a 380mAh lithium battery which last about 18-20 hours depending on usage. While on standby, and power saving on, you can get almost about 2 days of battery life from the G6.


The No.1 G6 in steel band is available on for only $33.49 while in TPU straps for only $27.99 and for a price to performance ratio, I think we have a good deal with the G6. The Watch is feature packed and looks amazing on the hands. And it’s also available in both TPU strap and Steel band to best suite you looks. Tough there are some work that needs to be done on the notifier and the application.

We begin the review with mentioning that we have reviewed No.1 Sun S2 smartwatch as well, and if you already have a Sun S2 watch then there’s not really a need for you to upgrade to the G6 as the features are almost the same except for having a full screen, better battery life and great looks.

I would like to rate the G6 4/5 stars.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.