NoScope Golem Gaming Glasses Review

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Hey guys, so I’m back with yet another review article. My frequency of articles per month were pretty short recently as I had exams and some other stuff that I needed to take care of first. But now as I’m free, look forward to some great stuff.

So today for review we have the NoScope Golem Gaming glasses which was just released last month. These are Rx compatible glasses, so they would put prescription lenses in the frame on orders which wasn’t an option when I review the NoScope Demon Series Glasses which are no longer available on the manufacturers store, but this review is more of a comparison between both them glasses which I’ve been using on and off and how far the company have came.


Starting in our traditional way of unboxing, the NoScope team have done a really great job here, as the last time I received the Demon Series glasses, they were just in a normal zipline bag with the contents inside but this time they had a custom designed plastic container. The container was foldable from both sides and the unique design made me happy that I started playing with it for a while :)

Golem Box


Ohh did I mention we have both the Frost White and Onyx Black models of the glasses available at the official store? Well anyways, like Demon Glasses, the Golem comes with 1x Carrying pouch, 1x Microfiber cloth for cleaning and 1x business card. But this time around there’s one another transparent card that verifies that the product is authentic. Also this time the company have redesigned the carrying pouch from the cotton cloth (that’s what I believe that was to) to a leather one which opens when you press it from the sides of it. Seems like the company have came a long way since then.

Content 1 Content 2


Out of the container, the glasses were in plastic that I removed prior to the photo taken, and we can see the glasses are HUGE! Yep that’s what me and my brother’s first expressions were. Anyways, the glasses have a sticker one on of the optic and there’s a tag in the middle.

Golem 1




When you flip them over, you can see the NoScope logo on one handle and the text on the other.

Golem 2


Once the tag and sticker is removed, we can see the clear yellow tinted optic and the “NoScope” and “Golem” text written right through the optics.

Golem 3


This time around, we have two additional little lenses on the sides of the main lens just so we can see sideways without moving our head (that totally depends on you, how you see sideways :P).

Golem 4 Golem 5


Some more photos

Golem 6 Golem 7


How perfectly do they fit?

Compared to Demon, I would give them full marks here without a second thought. I had problem while wearing headphones over the Demon, but since the handles on the Golem are less curved and flat, I can easily mount the headphones while wearing the glasses. I can’t really say what they have done with the nose part of the glasses as both almost looks similar, but I didn’t had any marks on my nose while using the Golem over Demon. Compared to Demon, I can wear the Golem comfortably for hours.




Just like Demon series glasses, the Golem works by filtering harsh blue screens from the monitors/LEDs/LCDs which reduces the eye-strain and fatigue allowing users for longer period of computing/gaming. But does it really works? Well yes indeed. As soon as I put the glasses on, I can feel a little relaxation on my eyes looking at the screen. I usually spend around 10-12 hours on my PC everyday, which I wasn’t able to do last month, so the longest I’ve wore the glasses were 5 hours and there was no sign of eye-strain or fatigue.


Even though the glasses are comfortable while wearing and reduces eye-strain, I wasn’t really comfortable while my gaming sessions. Compared to Demons these glasses seems to have the same optics at first sight, but that’s not the case. The Golem have a little darker yellow tinted optics which takes away a little bit of the brightness from the screen. Yes, as soon as you wear the glasses, everything goes yellow, but it feels natural after a while, but as I went into some competitive matches of CSGO, I felt over that my skill level have dropped cause of the impact on my vision. Be that my doubt or bad day, but whenever I’m gaming, I take off the glasses and feel play like I usually do. Personally I don’t think the brightness would be an issue if you’re just typing or browsing through web, but when it comes to movies and gaming, there is a noticeable difference, at least for me.



  • Once again, NoScope have maintained the low price tag on the glasses which makes it a easy to recommended product.
  • Good and comfortable design.
  • Rx Compatible.



  • Takes away a little bit of brightness.
  • Carrying pouch are small, making it difficult to take out and place the glasses inside.


Well there you have it, the NoScope company have came a long way through. They have upgraded the content quality and now also provide glasses with prescription lenses. They still have a few little adjustments to be done before we can provide them a 5 star. Talking about the Golem, my personal favorite is the Frost White version as it have a party kind of feel to it, not that I’ve got something against the Onyx Black but I just like the White one’s more :)

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.