Nvidia Announced GT 730 – Number Of Variant Follows

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Just as we had all our eyes stuck over how things ended up with Watch Dog’s E3 and current graphics on PC, Nvidia took the moment to launch an all new low profile GPU aimed at Home Theater (HTPC) and low profile gaming PCs. Not basically an “all new” GPU but rather a downclocked GT 740, the GT 730. And just like GT 740 it has quite the varieties, though Nvidia only announced 3 variants, which didn’t hold back the AIB partners to launch/introduce their own set of GT 730’s.

Nvidia Geforce GT 730

The three variants introduced by Nvidia were GT 730 2GB 64bit GDDR3 , GT 730 1GB 128bit GDDR3 and GT 730 2GB 64bit GDDR5, yup only one in GDDR5 category. The difference is that the 128bit-only GPU has just 96 CUDA Cores and a base clock of 702Mhz while the other two variants have 384 CUDA Cores and a base clock of 902MHz. There is slight difference in bus speed and memory clock also.

Feature Support:
Though the differences are there, each GPU  will have support for basic and latest features like DirectX 12 API (feature level 11.0), OpenGL 4.4, Physx, 3D Vision. Only not so latest in these cards would be the PCI-E version, as they run over PCI-E 2.0. The TDP won’t be reaching more than 50W so there isn’t any need of power connectors, the cards will draw the power directly from motherboard, again considering that this is a low profile GPU.

And thanks to the AIB partners these are not the only GT 730 variants we are going to see (kinda happy and confused). Below are some of the partners who have also unveiled some information on their line-up of GT 730’s.

MSI, famous for not only it’s red-n-black theme but performance and capability also, announced 4 variants of GT 730 that would be available soon, and not only that MSI have also released the MSI Afterburner 3.0 which is the world’s first 64-bit overclocking software but have already listed the GT 730 series in the support list.

MSI Geforce GT 730

Another great name in the GPU industry, didn’t just go quiet and also announced 7 variants of GT 730 (7 variants – GT “7”30, coincidence?) with 4 GPUs under GDDR3 memory and 3 GPUs under GDDR5 memory, What’s more is that these GPU’s are already available for purchase from their official store.

EVGA Geforce GT 730

Zotac Internationals also announced their set of GT 730 which includes 2 GDDR5 and 3 GDDR3 variants.

Zotac Geforce GT 730

Well these guys took it even further and unveiled that their full line up will include a total of 8 variants. All these versions are derived from different combination of memory type, size and interface once again. Though it’s unclear on the number of GDDR3 and GDDR5 GPU’s cause on their official website only 4 GT 730 are available, which means more info on other 4 variants will follow soon.

Palit Geforce GT 730

Price And Availability:
The Geforce GT 730 is to be available as soon as this week in the market, though not on Amazon yet as of today.  Some partners already have them listed on their stores for immediate purchase from a starting price of $69.99. Except them not to hover over the $89.99 mark.

It is a nice addition in the low profile GPU, for those who just want to render HD videos and play a little bit of games also. Considering the price, this seems to be a nice upgrade from the iGPU (Integrated GPU), though obviously at a sub $100 video card you can’t expect a lot of gaming performance from them.

On a budget, for just around $70 more you can get this low to mid range card which should do a fine job.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.