Enter to Win a Havit Dual Driver Bluetooth Speaker

You may have seen Iggy’s review of the HV-SK466BT Bluetooth Speaker from Havit and if you haven’t you missed on seeing one of his favorite Bluetooth speaker products. One  that delivers room filling sound and functions as a speakerphone for your iPhone or Android phone too! If you haven’t read Iggy’s review, enter the giveaway first them go back and read it here!


For those who want the short version, this Bluetooth Speaker has a pair of 3W drivers so that you can fill a room full of sound and pair it from up to 30+ feet away.  Perfect if you want to listen to music without earbuds, or you want an entire room full of people to enjoy your tunes or the latest Dragoncast streaming.


I love using a Bluetooth speaker to listen to audio books when I am busy working on a hands on project, or when I am in a conference room and need a quick speakerphone for a long conversation where either I didn’t bring my earbud or just didn’t want it around my ear for an extended period of time.  This Bluetooth speaker is a Gotta Havit item, (pun intended) and this is your chance to enter to win one.

Enter for a Chance to Win

The giveaway is open to anyone world wide, but if you live outside the U.S. then shipping costs will apply or you will have to have the Bluetooth speaker shipped to someone you know in the states.  Just so you know the Havit Bluetooth Speaker retails for $62.99 but you can find it sometimes for less than $40 on Amazon.  Keep the product price in mind because it typically costs $60 to ship a product of this size to other countries, so the shipping cost may exceed product value in those cases.  But you can still enter and if you are the winner you can decide what to do with it after you win, there are some options. Also note, right now for this giveaway the winner can choose the Black speaker or the Pink one, so you pick which one you want to win but only those 2 colors are available for the giveaway.


Special thanks to Havit for providing us one of these Bluetooth speakers to giveaway to a lucky Dragon Blogger fan.

Which color will you pick if you win?

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