OIOSEN Electronic LCD Writing Tablet Review

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This is a review for the 8.5 Inch Electronic Drawing and Writing Board from OIOSEN.  What you get is an 8.5″ LCD writing tablet that you can sketch on and erase with the touch of a button.

LCD Writing Tablet Specifications:

Product Size: 8.8 x 5.7 x 0.4 (Inches)
Weight: 116 g
Input voltage: 3V
Rated power:18mw

The LCD Writing Tablet Package includes:

– 1× LCD writing tablet
– 1× writing stylus
– 1× battery inside
– 1× color packing box

Now one of the first things you will notice about the OIOSEN LCD Writing Tablet is that they claimed this was an upgraded version which is brighter than other models.  Yet you can clearly see in the pictures below the light pale blue drawing lines while visible and brighter than some LCD tablets I have tested are certainly not nearly as bright as the box would have you believe them to be.


The tablet itself is very light weight and is very easy to hold and draw on with the provided stylus, if you note both my son and I preferred to hold the tablet upside down with the reset button at the bottom, the reason is because the stylus holder part is uncomfortable if your wrists press against it while you are drawing, so holding it with the stylus holder away from your wrists wound up being more comfortable.

The round side of the stylus works just fine, the edged side of the stylus also allows for fine detail but is so sharp and fine you can scratch the LCD tablet surface if you press to hard which I already did in my first day of using the tablet.  I used the corner of the edge stylus tip and scratched the screen a bit, showing minor white marks barely visible but visible.With one quick press of the button the entire LCD tablet screen goes blank and you are ready to start over, but there is a little bit of a delay in the reset where if you start drawing right away it won’t keep your lines because it is still in wipe mode.  This delay is only like 1-2 seconds, but I noticed if I went back to writing too fast, I couldn’t leave marks on the edges until it was finished clearing the screen completely.  

The brand claims you can draw and erase the entire board over 500,000 times on the same battery.  This is a lot of drawings and even if you do 100 per day it would be 500 days so pretty much yeah I would say you have a lifetime amount of erasing in this tablet provided you don’t scratch or damage it with various objects to draw with. The device also has a built in lock switch, when you have it switched to lock then the erase button will not clear the screen.  This is how you can leave messages or longer term drawings to stay up and come back to them later without fear of them being accidentally press-wiped away.

I found the board most useful if you play role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, where you need to constantly keep track of hitpoints, dice rolls, dice sets for attributes and to tons of writing and erasing.  This was very convenient and saved on wasting a lot of paper when used in this way.  The only thing is because the whole screen wipes, it would have been nice if you can just erase the last lines drawn, like it had a sort of memory like Control-Z on a keyboard to undo the last few keystrokes, or you can go into erase mode and manually erase area’s instead of the entire tablet.  Though I haven’t really seen any LCD tablets that can do this so I am not lowering the review score for lacking this feature.

Overall it is a very reasonable price and if you need an LCD Scratch Tablet for writing or sketching, the only way to make them permanent is to take a photo of what you sketched.  This is a better option in my opinion than white boards with dry erase markers because you don’t have to deal with the marker expenses, and the left over mess/dust/marker that comes with wiping the marker away with paper towels, tissues or whatever else you use.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.