Is Your Origin Account Hacked and Next Steps?

It looks like there has been a breach at Origin and accounts have been compromised, and this is a recommendation to immediately login and change your account password and security question and answers if you have an Origin account.  According to this Reddit thread it looks like users were reporting charges on their Origin account that they weren’t making.

Log into your Origin account and check your order history, remove any payment methods saved and stored, and if you are seeing something like this where your security question is changed to Chinese characters.  And you did not set them up that way, then it is a good chance your account was compromised.

The only way to fix this is to call Origin support, they don’t do account security support via any other method than calling via phone.  If you are unable to change your password because you find yourself unable to answer the now unknown security question, you will have to contact their support.  Pay close attention to any payment methods that were listed on file and monitor them closely.



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