Overhead Fractal Music Generator Review

This article will talk about the software called Overhead Fractal Music Generator.  This program in interesting because if uses both the standard Mandelbrot fractal along with midi to create music generated by a fractal image. It can generate fast silly songs, slow mystical or majestic songs, and anything in between. The length and mood of the song is up to you as well as the instruments that you use. While you are limited to only the Mandelbrot fractal, everything else is your choice.

You can choose how long the song will be, and how fast the song will play out. You are limited to 5 channels overall, but each channel can use either the same fractal image, or each one can be set to a different part of the image. What I mean by that is that you can manually zoom into the fractal differently for each channel, use a different section of each fractal, and assign different colors to use within the fractal for the sounds that are produced. Additionally, in Overhead Fractal Music Generator you can choose different instruments for each channel, along with a number of other options as well. You can choose the note length for each channel, various midi parameters, and the note range for each channel.


I wont tell you that Overhead Fractal Music Generator produces the best music in the world. Some of it is just awful, but there are times when you have tweaked everything just right that you may be surprised to find just the sound you needed for your favorite role playing game, or gift for someone special. And since it is randomly generated using a fractal combination that in all likelihood will not be exactly the same for anyone else, what you create will be one of a kind.

For me, this program is just plain fun. I like the interesting sounds that can be produced with this program. and, I hope that you will too. You can download it here. If you actually create something truly awesome, feel free to share it with the rest of us. I know that I will.

So see what random generated music you can create from fractals with Overhead Fractal Music Generator and let us know what you think about it and if you came up with some interesting sounds you liked.

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