Personalizing your iPad with a Dome Skin

A few weeks back Dome Skin had the courtesy to send me a Dragon iPad 2 Skin and wanted me to review it for my readers.  They had also sent me an Ace of Spaces iPhone 4 / 4S Skin but I don’t own an iPhone so I will give this away to one of my readers who wants it.

iPad skins are like reusable stickers that you put on the front and back of your iPad to help add a little cushion and grip while increasing the aesthetic qualities of your iPad.  You personalize it with a skin that helps showcase your style.


Dragon iPad Skin (front) from Dome Skin

Sticking the skin on doesn’t take much time though making sure it lines up and doesn’t block your camera or home button does take more than 1 attempt in some cases.  Once on the skin is a little thicker and does have a very good non-stick grip.


Dragon iPad Skin (back) from Dome Skin

The iPad was less slippery when holding it and the skin does look attractive, however while the skin was on my iPad 2 I could no longer fit it in my Targus case.  The front skin was fine and I could leave that one intact and still use my Targus case, but the rear skin was too thick to allow the case to snap on the iPad 2 properly.

My case completely covered the rear anyway so wasn’t a big loss, though the really cool design pattern for the Dragon Skin was on the rear side of the iPad.

Overall a Skin is a personalization you can add to your iPad and it does make it more attractive and give it some grip.  It adds only moderate protection in that it makes it less slippery than using the iPad without a case and it is certainly no replacement for a case that offers a horizontal and vertical stand or a cover which completely surrounds your iPad protecting it from bumps, or a slight drop.

Still, I liked that I could still use the front of Dome Skin adhesive with my case and it looks more identifiable since there are 2 iPad’s in my house.

Do you want this iPhone 4 / 4S Skin?

I don’t have an iPhone and I am giving away this Ace of Spaces iPhone 4 / 4S Skin to one reader who wants it, there is no contest to enter just merely leave a comment that you want the case and I will pick one winner manually on April 19th.


Let me know if you want the Ace of Spaces Dome Skin case for the iPhone 4 / 4S.

Thanks again to Dome Skin for providing us an iPad 2 case to review.

-Dragon Blogger

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