Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is not Plants vs. Zombies 2

Before Plants vs. Zombies 2 comes out this summer, there is a new Plants vs. Zombies Facebook game coming called Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.  This game which his designed to be social and has elements where you can launch zombie attacks against neighboring farms as well as growing and expanding your own farm with new buildings takes a different twist on this beloved game.


In Plants vs. Zombies Adventures you no longer are facing assault from a single direction but waves of zombies can come from any direction.  A slew of new plants, zombie types with promise of a constantly increasing amount of variety mean this game could be a real addicting one.

Zombies follow winding paths that specifically lead them toward your buildings and you have opportunities to block or assault them from various directions.  The isometric view adds an even more Tower Defense like take on the game and it has the potential to be a huge hit.  After all who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a friends farm and weakened defenses on one path to send a wave of zombies to temporarily disable their structure.

Of course building additional structures is a completely different twist on the game as well, so should be curious to see if it is a hit with the fans and crowds.


By far I learned about the game from Inside Social Games, and they have an exclusive article detailing much more about Plants vs. Zombies.  Read the source here.

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