Pocket AI and Chatbots of the Future

A very interesting video published over on the Financial Times YouTub Channel about the spread of AI Chatbots coming from East to the West and where we are headed with Pocket AI.  They are running more segments on AI recently and have a whole dedicated section to Artifical Intelligence and Robotics on the Financial Times website now which is of particular interest to me on keeping up to date on this subject.  The rise of digital assistants isn’t just on your cell phone or computer, but you can start seeing digital assistance and AI bots invading common appliances as well.

I encourage you to watch the video and share your thoughts.  For me what was particularly of interest was vending machines or coffee machines that can provide other information you need while brewing/churning out that Latte, and the video showcases some of the power of Alexa from Amazon and how it continues to improve including being able to call you an Uber.   Imagine toys that know the weather and ask your child to go outside and play with them to encourage going outdoors, to being able to be programmed with queues on when to prepare for bedtime and more.

Of course information in real time is key for AI, and often I have engaged with support chatbots and get questions answered quicker by a chatbot response than reading through a particularly long FAQ, it won’t be long before you can chain much more complex condition statements into a query for a Pocket AI instead of having to use separate information to fine tune or narrow down search results and information either.

In thinking of digital and personal assistance, what would you find most useful from AI that could save you time during your day or make your life easier?  What would you use an AI that can understand what you really want and the nuances and complexities of detailed questions properly?

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