How to Post Influencer Content on Pinterest

Quick Guide to Posting Influencer Content on Pinterest for Amazon Influencers

These steps are all done with desktop browser, but you can probably follow most steps with phone. This guide also assumes you have the Pinterest plugin for Google Chrome which can make 1 click pinning much easier.

Step 1: Setup Pin Boards

Setup Boards for Each Major Amazon Category, including one for deals and one for #founditonamazon

Step 2: Manual Image Upload

Manual Uploading of Images and Tagging to Amazon Influencer Links

Click Create, Create PIN

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Description automatically generated

Use high quality image with product as large as possible in frame.

Graphical user interface, application, Teams

Description automatically generated

Use a catchy title, search for SEO terms on Google for product

Give a detailed description with why someone would want to check it out

NOTE: For compliance you must put #ad #sponsored or #commissionearned in the title or description or disclose that commissions may be earned.

Give screen reader summary which can be read aloud and is simple for voice readers.

Add your affiliate link (make sure to use either Amazon OneLink or Bitly to shorten the lin).

Publish immediately or later.

Share your PIN on various channels.

Step 3 Auto Pinning Amazon Influencer Videos

Using your Pinterest Extension for Google Chrome, go to one of your Amazon Shoppable videos or Shoppable Photos

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Click on the P button to the right of your URL bar (don’t click the share button to Pinterest from Amazon itself).

Select your video thumbnail (should be auto detected)

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Choose your board where you are pinning it to

Visit and edit to add in details as needed, encourage them to watch the video since you are linking do your VDP video rather than product page directly.

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