Powerextra Stereo Gaming Headset Review

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With so many different headsets available we bring you just one more option that may meet your budget requirements and provide you with decent sound and a good microphone. The Powerextra Stereo Gaming headset has a surprisingly good microphone in it’s price class, and includes a Y adapter cable so you can use it as a 3.5mm headset for just about any device including PC, Switch, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 4/5.

Unboxing the Powerextra Gaming Headset

This headset has a long thick braided cable that should give you no trouble reaching whatever device you need to reach and plug it in. It includes the 3.5mm adapter to join your audio/mic into the same TRRS jack as well for a laptop. But you can simply pop off the adapter to use it with separate mic/audio ports too.

The headset has a control box a bit further down the cord where you can adjust the sound volume and flip the mute switch on and off.

Like many headsets in this price class, there is an audible pop sound that is clearly heard when making the mute switch flick on and off. So that should be noted, that it doesn’t mute quietly and makes an abrupt audible noise when switching to mute.
Overall the headset band is thick and plastic and provides some adjustment to accommodate different head sizes, but it lacks the flexibility of metal band headsets with the fabric adjustable straps and it doesn’t have pivoting ear cups to better help it conform to various head and ear shapes and sizes.

The RGB is not too obtrusive though it will cycle through it’s various colors and it uses the USB to power the RGB, if you don’t want to have your earcups light up simply don’t plug in the USB cable.

The microphone adjusts up and down and has some flexibility, but it does not mute sliding the microphone all the way up automatically. The ear cups themselves are padded but it isn’t the most comfortable or thickest padding and I found I got some ear fatigue and pressure pain from wearing the headset for several hours until I was able to break it in more.

The microphone clarity is what actually I found the most impressive on this headset because I had a full air conditioner blowing in my background and this headset was crisp and crystal clear in my voice pick up. Though it did require me to boost the volume to 100% and have +30 gain adjustment on my PC but this may have to do with my Realtek drivers and audio input, as long as I had the input gain set very high, I had 0 issues with this headset and it actually sounded fine on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 without having to do any significant mic input boosts like I had to do with my PC.

Overall the Powerextra Stereo Gaming Headset would get a recommend, there are some better headsets in this price class when they are on sale, but this one is a good option especially if you see it on a discount where you can get the price below $25.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.