Printfil: Command is not Lost to Printing

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Printfil allows a user to do DOS printing which means it allows you to pull from the command line and then print to a USB printer, networked printer or print to a file such as PDF for example.  Sometimes that screen shot of that command line information is just not very professional and you need something cleaner and this is where Printfil comes in.

Everything is pretty straight forward….Having a 64 bit Windows OS made things a little more involved but not much more of a pain.

The install is pretty straight forward:

Once the install is complete the program will begin with its first run configuration.  It also has a tray icon so if for some reason later you need to change your config you can.firstrun
Choose a default printer or allow for choosing from multiple printers.
Choose your print mode, GDI or RAW.
Need to handle those different fonts and their attributes.
Once you run through that initial setup there are a few things to learn.  I suggest walking through the manual at least once.   I had to go through it a couple of times.  It is really more about understanding their commands to make things output so it then can be printed.   I tested against a Konica Minolta C364 series networked printer without issue.
If config changes are needed you can open the tray icon.
CD into the appropriate directory where the working file is, I used C:usersbbacherPrintfil
I ran through their commands:
Preview of the file comes up in their program, full view
Parsed, focused view of content
NOTEPAD FILENAME.CFG to create a config file
Here is my first print.
The next option for PrintFil is to add an image which can be used as a background for your text from CMD.
Once you are comfortable with the basics, there are customer functions you can work into PrintFil.
Install options for an administrator to help end users from creating issues.
NOMENU disables the top menu entries for config, redo last print and registration.
CONFMENU disables all the menu items but the configuration and the close.


Borrowed this from their site.

Printfil close, which will close the application once it is completed, which will help in preventing multiple instances from running and being spawned.  But you can run multiple instances if you so choose also, that is an option.

With different command line parameter (switches) you can dictate the language the content will be in.
There is a silent install option limiting the need for user interaction, and this is good for rolling out mass deploys in desktop environments.
No cancel prevents the user from canceling the installation process.
Dir=”xdirname” overrides the default directory location.
/Group=”folder name” overrides the default folder.

All in all Printfil is very flexible.  And working with the application was a little nostalgic for me.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.