CPanel Tools to Help Monitor your Hosted Sites

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Web users around the world, only go through the first few pages of the search results, while searching any information or site. It is important for any site, to appear in the search engine result pages also known as SERP. Web traffic also denotes the popularity and visibility of a site. Analyzing the statistics of the web traffic helps in the assessment whether or not the site is successful and can also help point out weaknesses, if there are any. Irrespective of the nature of the information served by the site, analyzing your web traffic and visitors patterns can help gauge the performance of the site. As a web developer or website owner, you can take help of a number of tools that help in analyzing the web traffic and get success through it.

Understanding of Various Terminologies

In this article we will just cover some of the basic cPanel tools which are free with nearly all web hosting accounts that use cPanel.  These are your starter tools and gather their traffic directly from your hosting providers web server logs.  Before delving deep in this matter, it is essential to understand few basic terms, which helps to understand the process and advantages attached to the analysis of web traffic.

  • File- these are web pages, downloads and images of various formats.
  • Hit- when any file is served to any visitor, it is termed as a hit.
  • Page view- it is the conglomeration of hits and files that are required to view a web page.
  • Visit-it is the request by a visitor to view a single or multiple page views.

Tools of analysis

During the process of building a website, make sure that the hosting company offers cPanel. It helps to handle the hosting account. cPanel is one of the most popular hosting panels because of its interface that is user-friendly and makes management of website, domain and sub-domain easy. It also makes the process of building a site easy. cPanel has inbuilt tools that help in the analysis of web traffic. Every webmaster needs to know the volume of traffic generated, so that they can improve it in the future. These tools are

  • Webalizer
  • Analog
  • AwStats
  • Latest Visitors

Accurate reports provided

These tools can be used depending on the purpose and condition. Depending on the tool, that you are using, you will get the analysis report in the form of text, graphs, charts and images, so that you understand it with ease. You also have the provision of scheduling analysis report, to maximize and sustain the productivity. A few tools provide monthly reports that help webmasters to fathom the long term performance of the website. Compared to the other analytical tool available, cPanel provides accurate results and numbers that are beneficial to webmasters in the fact that it actually shows raw stats of everything that hits the web server logs and does no automated filtering.  Be careful however because if you leverage a cloud caching servers like Cloudflare, Incapsula or others this will actually cause a large portion of your traffic to be served from the cache in the cloud resulting in those visits not being served from your web host and therefore not showing up in the logs.

Convenient for webmasters

You can use these tools for free if you have a valid license for cPanel. The data that you receive is generated from the server and is transferred to the webmaster. It is easy to use these tools. Just login to the account and click on the icon that represents these tools. Within a short span of time, you can notice that tools have started its function. Webmasters need not install any tracking code in their web pages, and these tools analyze the traffic automatically. Thus, it is very convenient to use and is effective in enhancing the performance of a website.

Based on the result of these tools, you can outline few determinants and parameters of this analysis. Those are data related to the visitor pattern, spot trend, source of the visit that is a link or banner campaign, analysis of the keywords that has been used in the content of the web page. You can increase the traffic to your website by publishing good keyword rich articles. With the analysis report, you can identify what is working in favor of the website and what is diminishing the volume. A proper analysis of the entry and exit page can give you a fair idea of how that specific page is performing.

Author Bio:

John Carter owns a website. To analyze the traffic to this site, he has used the cPanel tools. He received accurate reports that helped him to improve the site. In iPage reviews, they have recommended highly of these analytical tools.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.