Protect Your WordPress Blog from Being Framed

After reading about @ileane having her blog iframed by other blogs which can lead to not only your content being read and used on another site, but your Google banner ads displayed on another site and a violation of AdSense ToS which does not allow AdSense ads to be displayed via an iFrame.  This could risk in an account ban.

So I decided to test out the WP No Frames plugin after I saw it was mentioned by Ahmad from in one of her threads on her Facebook group.

How Easy It Is to Iframe

To begin my test, all I did was go to my blog and open up a new post.

I put in the following line into the HTML Source Code:

<iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”800px”></iframe>

Then when I publish the article I can see that is displayed inside the post of a article via iframe.


Preventing iFraming with WP No Frames

Installing WP No Frames on, I then decided to see if it would prevent that iFrame post on from working properly.

WP No Frames can’t actually prevent the iframe from occuring, but what it does do is force a reload of the page doing the iframe so that the framed page is the target source of the reload.  What this means is that now when I hit instead of seeing being iframed inside of the WordPress blog post, I instead now hit the site, then it does an immediate redirect to display

The cool thing is even when hitting the homepage of with the iframe post showing on the homepage, force redirects the user to the moment the iframe attempts to load.

This in my opinion is an exceptional method for discouraging any other site from iframing your WordPress blog, as the moment they do, they would be just redirecting the readers to your site anyway.

I tested WP No Frames on and found no conflicts with any other plugins or issues with the site rendering, so I am leaving it on to protect my WordPress blog from being iFramed and recommend it to all other WordPress bloggers.

See WP No Frames in Action on What it Looks Like:


Get WP No Frames now from the WordPress plugin depot for free.

-Justin Germino

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