PUBG Mobile Close Combat Tips & Tricks

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PUBG Mobile Close Combat Tips & Tricks

PUBG Mobile has been one of the best mobile games anyone can play with their phones for 3 years now, and with millions of daily active users and constant updates to improve the game or keep the game fresh, it is very easy to say that it will stay on top for a long time.

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The game is best known for its battle royale mode where 100 players are dropped in one map fighting to be the last man standing. Of course, they’ve added more modes throughout the years like the fast-paced arcade mode and 4v4 deathmatch mode. The only consistent feature in these game modes is the gunplay, which is really good.

With that in mind, this article focuses on helping new players or those who struggle to get the chicken dinner consistently by providing tips and tricks on how to win close combat fights in PUBG Mobile.

Close combat may happen when you are looting in hotspot areas of the map, or if you are inside an enclosed building, or when the circle is little and shrinking.


Selecting the Best Weapon & Attachments

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First and foremost, you need to learn which gun is the best one to use during close combat and there are plenty of them.

In the early phase of the match, the UZI is such a powerful weapon to use against enemies especially if you drop on a hotspot area. Spray one clip of an UZI and watch your enemy go down. It is also useful when shooting enemies who are rushing at you.

You may also want to get comfortable using shotguns during the early phase, especially when you and the enemies are in a building. S12K is the best shotgun out there since it has high fire rate damage, but S1897 is no slouch either despite its long reload times.

Once you reach the mid-phase or if you are clear to loot the area, the best guns for PUBG Mobile are AR guns because of their versatility, but for close-range battles, the best ones to use are AR with 7.62mm ammo like the AKM and Beryl M762. Choose the M762 since it has a faster rate of fire compared to the AKM despite having lower damage. For AR with 5.56mm, the best one is the M416 because it is fully customizable and has a full-auto setting.

Of course, you will never go wrong with drop-exclusive weapons like the AUG, M249, MK14, and Groza as they can deal a lot of damage when you are spraying them at enemies.

Honorable mention for the DP-28 because of its large magazine and low recoil, which makes it a great option for close combat encounters.

For attachments, it is best to use a compensator for the muzzle as they can reduce recoil making your guns effective in close range combat. As for the grips, you may use half grip, the thumb grip, or the vertical grip as either of these grips can reduce recoil and may improve your aim during gunfights with the enemies. 

Additionally, half grip increases recoil recovery which is good for staying on an enemy, but it decreases a gun’s stability which may not be good for guns that are already stable.


Jiggling & Jump Shooting

In PUBG Mobile, it is not all about aiming and just shooting everyone you see, you need to also know how to maneuver yourself, otherwise, you are just a standing target to your enemies.

Jiggling is one of the most common moves you have to master to dominate in close combat encounters. To do this, you simply move left to right or vice versa while shooting to avoid getting hit. You can combine jiggling with other moves like crouching and jumping.

Crouching makes you less susceptible to headshots while jumping just makes you harder to hit in general. Moreover, jumping plus shooting is a great way to surprise enemies in close combat as you have the advantage to spray on them while avoiding potential pre-fire from them.


Peeking & Knowing the Environment

pubg mobile peek controls

Peek & fire is disabled on default in PUBG Mobile, you can enable it on the settings first before it shows up on your controls.

Peeking is a good way to shoot if you are behind covers. This way, your opponent will have a harder time aiming at you if you are peeking instead of exposing your whole body. You can combine it with a quick jiggle, and you may win lots of gunfights in the game.

Another piece of advice that we can give is to use good earphones because sounds in PUBG Mobile play a great part as you can hear gunshots from afar or if someone is running around you. You can easily predict your enemies if you know where they are based on the sounds they made, and you will be at a huge advantage when you make your first move.


Crosshair Placement and Headshots

You can follow all the tips above, but there’s no way you could win if you can’t hit the enemies, right? Therefore, mastering your crosshair placement is key to winning gunfights. A good rule, as they say, is to always aim for the head, since it deals huge damage to the enemy, and you have a significantly higher chance of winning if you manage to hit a headshot. You can train by playing Team Deathmatch Warehouse a lot or by going to the training grounds. 

It is also good to know when to use aim-down sight (ADS). ADS is a firing method where you use the iron sight or scope of your gun. It is mostly used for medium-ranged combat and long-ranged combat, but there are situations where it is good to use for close combat, and this is when you have the advantage against the enemies like ambushing them from behind.

Hipfire, on the other hand, is mostly used for close combat because the rate of fire is faster and you are more agile as well, meaning you could avoid enemies with ease. The downside of using this method is its lack of accuracy, and it is best used when you are inside a building, in small places, or if the enemy is 5-10 meters near you.


Are you ready to dominate the game?

It will take a while to master the controls to jiggle and the crosshair placement for a headshot when shooting, but in time and a lot of practice, you will definitely see your skills improving as you play more matches in PUBG Mobile.

As mentioned earlier, you can train your skills in Team Deathmatch as well as in Training Grounds. We hope you learn something from these tips, and if you have your own tips, let us know in the comment section below!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.