PureOverclock Amazing Winter Giveaway: Week 2

PureOverclock continues it’s Winter giveaway with an even more amazing Week 2 where some fantastic prizes are being given away.  If you are a PC Enthusiast you will want to enter this giveaway and follow all of the weeks as these are a component lovers dream!  The Prize list this week is just amazing, there will be 21 winners for the Week 2 giveaway alone, and Prizes are broken down by sponsor.  If you want to see pictures of all the prizes, then check out the Image Gallery of Week 2 Prizes!


  • Prize #1
    Phase II CTR, Low Profile – CLEAR tube, 240mm, BLACK caps, BLACK compression rings
    Choice of True
    Choice of Maxcord


  • Prize #2
    Choice of True
    Choice of Maxcord


  • Prize #3
    Choice of True
    Choice of Maxcord



  • Prize #9 Core V21
  • Prize #10 Water 3.0 Extreme S
  • Prize #11 LUXA2 Groovy Duo Live


  • Prize #12 26 piece toolkit and four port charging hub
  • Prize #13 26 piece toolkit and four port charging hub


  • Prize #14 Pandora
  • Prize #15 Prodigy M
  • Prize #16 $99 Accessory Pack

Sapphire Tech

  • Prize #17 R7-260X
  • Prize #18 R7-260X

Be quiet!

  • Prize #19 Dark Power Pro 10 850W
  • Prize #20 Shadow Rock Slim
  • Prize #21 Pure Rock

Enter now for your Chance to Win Some of These Amazing Prizes and make sure you thank PureOverclock for the chance.

PureOverlcock's Winter Giveaway! Week 2

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