Quake Clone Goat of Duty is Fun to Play!

So if you ever wanted to play a shooter game that most closely resembles Quake but thought this game could use more goats, then you would love Goat of Duty.  This is a free for all shooter game that is nothing but pure chaos with goats mounting weapons, ramming each other for all their goat glory.  Come see Kat and her play of Goat of Duty from the Twitch live stream the other night.  This game which hit early access on Steam July 10th 2019 is less than $6 and is well worth it for the entertainment value.

Baa Baa away.

You can also watch a few clips of the action.

Here Kat is only Hooves left after being devastated by the practice AI bot.

This one is showcasing a headshot.

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