Review of the Quntis Laptop Riser Stand

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Our friends over at Quntis requested that I review their high quality laptop riser stand and I was happy to oblige as my wife has a Macbook Pro and I have an MSI 17″ Gaming laptop so I would be able to showcase two different laptops of different sizes with it.  The first thing you will notice when the Quntis Laptop Riser Stand arrives is that it is solid and heavy, the aluminum alloy is very sturdy and at just over 3 pounds this stand has a high quality feel.

Now the stand itself can support up to 22lb of weight on it, without being crushed back into folded position.  The Z frame and design is very sturdy and it actually takes a bit of force to open up the Z frame and expand the laptop riser.

The Quntis laptop stand has multiple modes and positions, you can use it as just a stand, and in this case it worked very well with the Macbook Pro holding it at varying angles and it stays put.  The rubber feet on the stand that hold your laptop in place are very well designed and prevent slipping as well as the feet at the bottom make it so you cannot accidentally slide or push the laptop stand on your desk, it is very sturdy and stays put.

Note in the above pic this isn’t the ergonomic way you will want to actually have your laptop while using it, you will want to position it the way they demonstration in the instructions diagram to make sure your wrists can rest on the laptop stand for proper wrist support.

You do not have to worry about your wrist or hands folding in the laptop stand, it stay’s put even if you are a heavy typer the stand will not close and stays in the position you set it in.

As a riser you can get quite a bit of height adjustment on this Quntis laptop riser, you will want to use an external keyboard or use a standing desk if you are using the riser set fairly high but it works very well, and you can unfold the phone dock and have your phone in vertical or horizontal mode just under your laptop while it is on the stand in riser configuration mode.  Just behind the phone dock there is a nut to unscrew which loosens it so that you can adjust the phone dock  and control the distance the dock is from the base. So you can space it far enough away it won’t conflict with the edge of your laptop.  You can set your phone in vertical or horizontal mode in the phone dock.

The hollow back of this laptop riser stand does a really good job at preventing heat build up, and honestly this is one of the most solid and high quality laptop stands I have ever reviewed, most are plastic or combo cooling fan/stands that don’t work nearly as well.

Now, while the Quntis laptop stand can support laptops from 10-17″ there was one thing to note what would be the only thing to watch out for, this stand has feet to hold the laptop and the feet stick out only so far.  It is perfect for thinner and regular sized laptops, but if you have a particularly thick gaming laptop like the MSI GT72 Dominator the part that holds the bottom of your laptop doesn’t stick out far enough to keep a thick gaming laptop steady and it can slide off.

You can see this demonstrated in the video, so if you have a very thick laptop base, this stand may not be able to hold your laptop properly, but typically only high end gaming laptops are that thick, thin and sleek profile gaming laptops would be fine. The riser is a little stiff to adjust, so make sure you do all adjustments or pull it into the most open position before putting your laptop on it, then you can press it down into the position you want, it is difficult to raise while your laptop is inserted and you can accidentally knock your laptop off of it, so better to expand it without a laptop on it, and then partially close it to your preferred position with the laptop on it.

Video Unboxing and Review of the Quntis Laptop Riser Stand

Overall a fantastic product and you can buy the Quntis Laptop Riser Stand on Amazon and get 15% off with code 3GO4I5YU at checkout, end date: 04-28-2022


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.