Rantopad Cube Gaming Mouse Review


Why does a mouse pad need a review? Some people may think all mouse pads are the same. Some might think they need a really expensive one to up their gaming skills. Some people probably think the ones at the dollar store work just fine. Well there are some ways the right mouse pad can help. Let’s see if this Rantopad Cube mouse pad is worthy for gaming.

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On the side of the Rantopad Cube mousepad you will see there is a small port. This is to plug in the USB cord that comes with it. The only purpose this has is to light up the mouse pad.


The USB cord is made of a durable and very flexible silicone material. The cord is fairly long and can easily reach to either side of my desk.


I chose orange as it is my favorite color but it does also come in yellow or blue.  The surface of the mouse pad is made from scintillation resin. In the photos it may not look smooth but it is. There are some glitter flecks in the color that help guide the light while it is plugged in. This is better than cloth mouse pads for a couple of reasons for me. I find cloth ones to have slight give and not give enough traction to the mouse especially if you are pressing on it a bit hard in the excitement of a battle also the edges of cloth ones tend to fray and become ugly to look at. They also hold in dust and germs. This one would be very easy to clean and maintain to keep it looking new.


The light shines from the black bar and transfers through the pad.  I don’t have the greatest camera but it does glow very nicely.  My only issue with this was the way it is meant to sit is with the black bar at the bottom by your wrist.  Because it is slightly raised it starts to become a bit uncomfortable. So instead of having the mousepad with the black bar at the bottom, I have the black bar to the side and it is out of my way. The traction of the mouse on this pad is great. There is no extra gliding. when I stop moving so does the cursor.

IMG_20160519_100739The back of the mouse pad is a soft plastic and there are small silicone pads in each of the corners. These do a great job at keeping the pad secure to my desk so there is no movement. I even tried sliding my hand to move it and it stayed in place. For an active gamer this is great as there is nothing worse when the pad moves on you while in a battle.

Overall I think this is a great mouse pad. It lights up nice in a dark room without being overly bright and hurting my eyes or causing you any distraction.  Using it at a side angle worked best for me.

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