VTIN Royaler Bluetooth Speaker Review!

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Lately I have been receiving a plethora of Bluetooth speakers to reviews! Through the midst of all of the speakers I have been reviewing, I received the VTIN Royaler. Let me tell you why this speaker is possibly my portable speaker that I have owned!

  • What sets this apart:
    The VTIN Royaler steps away from the competition for numerous reasons. One being is the price range. A few months ago I purchased the Beats Pill because I finally gave into the hype. While I wasn’t let down by the sound, I quickly changed my mind when I received the Royaler from VTIN. I purchased the Pill for $175. The Royaler costs $65.99 on Amazon. For over $100.00 cheaper, you get even better sound quality. The Royaler is so much more well balanced. The highs on VTIN’s speaker don’t crack, the mids are more clear, and the bass doesn’t drown everything out. You would just have to hear for yourself!

Now solely on the Royaler:

  • Design:
    Perhaps one of my favorite things about this speaker is the design. It has a very slim profile. It sits low on your desk and doesn’t appear bulky. The housing is a lightly bronzed aluminum that has a very nice finish and shine. The buttons also sit low on the speaker itself and do not distract from the speaker. “VTIN” is printed clearly on the housing of the speaker and actually looks kind of nice, and in a way, aggressive. The aux and micro-usb ports are discreet on the back. You can see some photos of the design below!IMG_1914IMG_1906
    Pretty sweet, huh?
  • Build and Ease Of Use:
    Too often, speakers are ruined by improper housing. I’ve dealt with a handful of speakers that the sound quality was crippled by the housing. The housing would rattle when you turn up the volume too much and the housing would feel hollow and loose. With the Royaler, at heavy volumes the housing remains still and solid. The build is tight and doesn’t move around. Connecting to the speaker is as easy as could be.  A voice let’s you know when when the speaker is powering on, when it is pairing, when it is paired, when it is charging, and when it is powering off. This is great. Really allows you to understand what’s going on. The buttons are responsive. The only thing that took a decent amount of getting used to is the next/previous button. Most speakers turn volume up and down with a click but this speaker changes the song. To turn up or turn down the volume you have to HOLD the button. No biggie though.
  • Sound Quality:
    The sound quality doesn’t hold back this speaker like many other speakers. Rather, sets this speaker apart.
    The highs are very clear even at loud volumes. It was only at very high volumes with low kb/s songs that I heard tearing and distortion.
    The mids are very clear. They provide you with very clear vocals. I even heard some vocals I hadn’t heard before on my surround sound. The instrumentals are clear as well.
    The lows are great. My favorite area in the sound department. The bass is very passive. What this means is that the bass simply doesn’t drown out the music. The bass definitely provides solid thump, though. The bass is just well balanced. Great sound!
  • Cons:
    The battery life. While it has great sound and a great look, it doesn’t have great battery. I left it on the charger over night, expecting to get a decent amount of playtime, but that was not the case. I used it for roughly 2 hours at about 50% volume and it keeps dying. I may not be charging for enough hours but it doesn’t seem right. That will take off one star.

I love my Royaler and I look forward to testing out VTIN”s other speakers! Thanks guys for reading!
Check out my video portion of this review below:

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.