Tips to Re-Design Your Website Without Any SEO Ranking Traps

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Your website is the window of your business through which the prospects are going to peep into your services. But why would one peep into somebody’s window? Either they want to have their services or they are just there to have a look because they find it attractive.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” quoted Bill gates. In the present era of digital world, if you are not present on the digital platform, that means you are absent from the professional world. Thus, whether you a new entrepreneur or a veteran, you need to have a website that speaks on your behalf over the giant internet. Do you have a website for your company? Of course. Is that your answer? It is great that you already occupied a place on the internet. But that’s not enough. Imagine there are millions of other people on that same place. Do you think that you are noticeable enough to make people come and even talk to you? Here comes the next challenge.

When you have to survive among millions you need to do something that makes you different from others. When it comes to your website, the first thing is of course the design and layout. Appearance is the first thing that captures a human brain. A designer with exceptional and innovative sense of design will solve the purpose. But it really needs a huge amount of efforts to get a visibility among the myriad websites. Here is where search engine optimization techniques come into play. It is the technical term for improving your online visibility through enhanced google rankings, so that your clients get to find you easily in comparison to others. It needs a lot of dedication along with vision to improve SEO ranking organically.

While there might be plenty of vendors out there, but the best web designing company is going to redesign your site in a way that will critically take optimization into consideration. Below are some of the website redesigning tips to rank website up in the search results:

– Layout: As soon as a visitor lands on the website, he is not going to just start reading about your services. The very first thing that anyone would notice is the layout. This includes how the content is arranged, what are the highlights, pictures or videos appearing on the site and much more. An appealing layout such as content layout above the fold, name of the company in text, your location and call to action are some of the things that are going to make it search engine friendly.

– Targeted keywords: These play the most important role in making the site visible. They act as a string to connect your website with the target audience and improve SEO ranking organically. However effective information is mentioned, it’s irrelevant if not incorporated with the right keywords. There are certain tools available and some are even the free ones with features that let you see the commercial competition for each word in your targeted area.

– Content: Just getting visits will not solve the purpose. An impeccable content is what is required to hold the target audience to your business. After you are done with the accumulation of right keywords, the next task is to incorporate them in the right way into the content. It needs to be understandable and informative. Here comes the role of a proficient writer. He targets the content according to the visitor’s expectations. This is what is going to hold them to your site and may convince them to try your services. Not only this, there should not be much duplicate content. Try to have unique content for every page.

– SEO friendly URLs: Yes, they also hold a significant place in the list of strategies. The URLs should be readable and follow a logical structure. Preferably short URLs with the targeted keywords are the best as per optimum strategies. Using hyphens and underscores as separators is preferable. On the other hand spaces should be avoided. If the keywords used in it are as per the content that is present on the page, then it is automatically going to interest the user. The user can easily decide from the link appearing outside that he wants to open the page or not.


– SEO coding: After the keywords are extracted, utmost attention should be given to the SEO coding to ensure optimization from the beginning. Coding is an area where small changes can make a huge impact.  So it should be as error free as possible. To address best practices at an early stage is very important. Correct code will make your site to load faster in the browser and also allow speedier indexing by search engines.

– High quality images and videos: The images and videos of high quality is something that is going to glue your user to the site. But if the quality is not up to the desired standard, the visitor will not going to stay even if you are exceptionally talented and skilled in your capabilities. You must have amazing description of services and offers, but to know about them the visitor needs to stay on your site. Thus grab the attention by using high quality images and videos. In addition to SEO benefit, media is also going to help in conversion optimization.

In the nutshell, search engine optimization is one area that you cannot afford to ignore while redesigning any site. Thus if you think that you are lacking behind others in terms of your website appearance and visibility, then you need to go for re-designing as soon as possible. Have an eye to look for the best web designing company and just outsource their services. It’s an investment worth making because the result that it will generate is quite huge as compared to the cost of service. The service provider should be proficient enough to improve SEO ranking organically to keep you ahead of the race. Your digital presence is the key to the success of your business.

So, go ahead and give a complete makeover to your website to outshine others and climb up the steps in your professional ladder.


About the Author

Vin Boris is Social Media Marketer & Content Writer at SoftProdigy is web design and development company striving in IT industry from more than 10 years & have worked for hundreds of clients including big & small brands.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.