Keep Cool in Sweltering Heat! RANVOO AICE3 AI Neck Air Conditioner Review

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Recently I got my hands on the most advanced personal air conditioning device to date, this is the RANVOO AICE3 AI Neck Air Conditioner and this device goes above and beyond your typical portable neck fan so while it may have a similar design and wear, this works far better than any other portable air conditioner.

Initial unboxing and the device has a very futuristic appearance for sure, I felt like it was something out of the movie TRON. This neck air conditioner comes with a smart app called Metaura and you pair it with your phone over Bluetooth.

The AICE 3 has a 7000mAh battery and because of the high capacity battery you can get around 12-24 hours of usage between charging, plus with it’s USB-C interface you can fully charge it in 2.5 hours but you can use it while it is plugged in with a long enough USB C cable or power bank and then it will run for 24 hours. In cooling mode or heating mode the battery life can be between 2 and 6 hours depending on how high you have the temperature and speed set. It weighs just 1.1 pounds so the weight on your neck and shoulders was not uncomfortable for me to wear for easily over an hour at a time.

This device has fan vents (7 air ducts) that blow air both up toward your head as well as down into your shoulders, it leverages aluminum (think heatsinks) to cool down the air intake so that it is dramatically cooler when it releases against your neck and shoulders. The wind generated by the 4 ICEMAX engines is cooled by 39°F after passing through 2 peltiers, and if you don’t know what those are those are like heat sinks except an electric current is used to heat or cool them, so that when the wind flows over them, the air gets hotter or colder.

This is how you can get ‘air conditioning’ without freon, like a traditional air conditioner. I am going to tell you that I was shocked at not only how cool the airflow was but the contact points between the AICE 3 and your neck get cold to the skin.

With the AI feature it will detect your body temperate and auto-adjust to keep you cool, and it has a very low noise level for the most part, when on it’s max airflow it clearly is heard but is comparable to a small desktop fan which is surprising considering how close it is to your ears.

The LCD Display on the side gives you access to all functions, but the fact you have to take it off to actually see the LCD screen to do the adjustments means that it is much more convenient to use the Metaura app for most adjustments, but not all functions are in the Metaura app and some are only in the LCD panel on the AIR 3. The heart rate monitor which uses the sensor that sits on the back of your neck works well, but has interference if you have long hair that sits between you and the sensor, the sensor must make contact with your neck skin or it isn’t going to be of value, this is also true for it doing the auto-temperature sense, you have to wear it under your hair if you have long hair.

Now this personal air conditioner also doubles as a portable speaker system as you have a pair of speakers right no your neck, this is the only area which I found pretty lacking the speakers were adequate at best but were not great at producing enjoyable Spotify listens, combined with the fact everyone around you can hear what you are listening too I felt it is better for audio alerts or only if you are in private vs using the speakers in public. IE, they are not loud enough to really hear anything well while on a crowded beach that is noisy (which I was) because even at max volume, they don’t get that loud and the volume of the fan at max cooling interferes with your ability to listen to the music so it is better to just use airpods or earbuds when actively using it as a cooling fan in my opinion.

When charging the RANVOO AICE 3 it comes with a stand to set it on, which is convenient so it doesn’t have to lay flat on your desk.

In Summary

The RANVOO AICE 3 is an extremely impressive technological achievement in personal cooling and would be greatly beneficial to people who have to endure long hours in a hot outdoor environment. It is ideal for those who are at the beach, at the stadium or parks watching games outdoors, or simply enjoying some time hiking in the outdoors. Because it applies the cooling directly on your neck and ears/behind the ears this helps control your body temperature and makes you feel much cooler in a hot environment around you. Most importantly, this isn’t a swamp cooler, and it will cool you down whether you are in arid dry environments or humid environments based on how it works, in fact when I was sweating the cooling effect was amplified due to the cool air blowing on my sweat which made me feel cooler.

Also, I did switch it into heat mode, and within seconds the contacts became hot on my neck and it invoked sweating, it was just as effective at warming you up as cooling you off, so unlike other portable neck fans this thing works to keep you comfortable whether in summer or winter, you simply control your climate to make yourself comfortable.

Though it is a bit of a premium price if you spend a lot of time outdoors or in hot environments I personally thing this is worth it, the fact that it can run hours in cool mode and over 1/2 a day in fan mode between charges really increases your comfort level and to me increasing comfort is worth the price.

Plus you can get $50 off with coupon code “dragonblogger” right now on their direct store here.

But you can also buy the RANVOO AICE 3 Personal AI Air Conditioner on Amazon too.

Also, if you want to see how to use the app, I did a video walk through of the Metaura app on iOS.

Special Mention

When I first received the product I noticed that when you use the power off button on the back of the AICE 3 or the power off button in the app, the device stops but it stays connected to your phone via Bluetooth even when plugged in. Within 24 hours of reporting the issue, Ranvoo released a firmware patch that addressed and resolved the issue, they welcome feedback and are constantly looking to improve and this responsiveness with how fast they took my feedback and implemented a patch was something I have never seen with any other brand before I have worked with. So they take their product and feedback seriously and this minor adjustment made the product better, so I didnt’ have to keep manually turning Bluetooth off and on instead of just powering it off to break the Bluetooth connection.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.