Reasons to quit the job and work as a freelance developer

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There are several reasons as to why one has to quit full-time jobsas a software developer and start to experience the lives as freelancers. When you become a freelance software developer at dormzi or other businesses, you do not have to restrict yourself only to developing projects related to software development. You can also try your hands on the other areas of expertise where you feel that you can offer your services confidently. Know more about the other reasons that can make you quit jobs and work as a freelancer.

1. Liberty

The first and the foremost reason as to why a software developer must experience the freelance world is because of the liberty that they get. The kind of projects that you want to choose and also the types of clients who you want to work with are totally dependent on your discretion and your decisions; there would be no one to question your liberty and freedom.

2. Make more income

As a freelance developer, your chances of increasing your income would be really high when compared to a full-time employee. You are free to work with as many clients as you want at the same time, and this would help you to make more money than the others.

3. You can offer various types of services in parallel

Apart from the development jobs, you can also start working on various other professions where your interest lies. It is always not about the technical skill sets that matter in the freelance world; it is about the kind of services that you can offer.

Even though you are a software developer as a professional, you can also try becoming a writer in parallel and offer those services as a freelancer if you have the required skillset and also an equal amount of passion and interest.

4. You can plan your day the way you want to

When you start working as a freelance developer, there would be no one to restrict the login and logout time. It is totally your decision and discretion to choose the time that you want to start your work and end your work. The only thing that should be a matter of concern to you as a freelance developer is the submission of the project on time. Once you are done with the submission of the project, you cannot be held responsible for anything unless and until the client comes back to you again for any further changes.

5. You can charge on every request

Once you have completed the final project and have received ago-ahead from the client, you are completely free from that project. After this, every time the client comes back to you with any other request, they are bound to make the payment and get the changes done. This again increases your chance of making more money, and this can never happen if you are a full-timer. As a full-time employee,itis completely your responsibility to own the project and keep assisting the customer every time they come back to you, and that can be quite frustrating.

6. You do not have to plan your leaves.

When you work full-time, you certainly have to go through a lot of procedures in order to get your leaves sanctioned from your higher authority. Depending upon the resource allocation and also other pressing concerns, your boss might even refuse to give you leaves when you are in dire need of it.

But, when you start working as a freelance developer, you do not have to justify your reasons to take a leave to anybody, including the client. Once you give proper updates to the client, they would certainly not get after you and breathe down your neck as it happens in a full-time job.

7. You can quit anytime you want to

When you are working as a full-time employee, you would not even have the freedom to quit an organization whenever you want to. You would be expected to serve a minimum notice period, and that would again be quite annoying because once you lose interest in the work that you are doing, you would never want to be associated with the job or the place. As a freelance developer, you do not have to justify any reasons for the client for quitting up on the project or even serve the notice period.

These are some of the most important reasons why you need to choose a freelance job over full time. When there are so many benefits associated with a freelance world, it would be quite a wise decision to take it up once you feel that you are safe and secure to handle all the things with complete confidence.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.