Review of the Redragon GS520 Anvil RGB Desktop Speakers

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

The Redragon GS520 Anvil RGB Desktop Speakers grab the listener into the game and draw attention with its unique modern design. The price point remains competitive to comparable speakers listed on Amazon. As well as the RGB lights offer a sequence of six options to match along with any setup. The speakers are simple to set up and offer versatility in the range of devices it is compatible with. The touch control buttons make the experience stress free and flexible with the everyday work and entertainment flow. 

The 2.0 channel speakers offer a 2D listening experience and noticeable clear base. The sound quality is both clear and enjoyable to listen to.  The speakers worked notably well when I did some mic testing on Discord and when listening to music at different ranges of volume. When playing games, the ambient and game tracks flowed well within each individual speaker. Both work together to create an immersive listener experience. However, the sound quality does start to lose its edge when pushed above 50 on a 100 point volume scale. When playing games, listening to music, and watching videos, the speakers held up well at a 35 on a 100 point volume scale. If the device isn’t fully plugged in, you may start to hear static or high pitch whistling tones. Fortunately, I only experienced this during the initial setup of the wires. Although the wires are shorter than I would like them to be, I was able to adapt my space to the speakers. Unfortunately, this might not be possible for some users. On the bright side, listening to my music over the speakers gave my ears a much needed break from my gaming headset

The ability to plug and play made the setup simple and easy. However, it is worth noting that the speakers use up both a speaker port and a USB port on your electronic device. Initially I thought this was an option of one port over another. However, in order for the device to output sound, both devices must be plugged in. Being that so many of my accessories already use USB devices, I was disappointed to lose another USB port. However, in regards to compatibility, it offers more range in the devices it can be used in conjunction with. I was able to sync up the speakers with my Virtual Audio Cable program and access it from the Windows Sound Setting panel. Once the device was connected to my computer, I was able to adjust the volume from both my audio wheel on my gaming keyboard, the windows volume menu, and on the speakers themselves. I appreciate that the buttons to control the speaker are all on one unit. This includes the volume, power, and light adjustment controls. Having them all on one unit makes it easier to access and easier to place when deciding the location of the speaker. The power and volume buttons are easier to feel out. However, the RGB light button is completely flat and part of the top portion of the speaker. Once you locate the light button, you can easily tap down and change it to the light preference that you prefer. Although you can turn off the light and still maintain the sound from the speakers, changing the brightness of the RGB light bar isn’t an option.


The speakers are a black, modern, and have a brushed texture finish. The RGB light bar is angular and allows it to accent any setup. Two of the light options  flow with multiple colors and the remainder four light options are solid. My favorite light option appears to flow to the sound pattern of my music. For long game play sessions, I prefer the solid color options. The Redragon logo accents the speaker nicely and matches well with my World of Warcraft decor. 

Check out my Video Unboxing and Review

Overall, the speakers are beautiful and enjoyable to listen to. They match wonderfully with my RGB keyboard and gaming accessories. 

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.