Athphy Deep Tissue Massage Gun Review

The Athyphy deep tissue massage gun comes packed in a stylish case, but it also comes with a ton of energy within the device itself! Reaching a top speed of 3200 rpm and having the option of six different speed settings, this massage gun meets a wide array of different preferences. You can relax multiple parts of the body by utilizing the six unique massage heads that easily pop onto the tip of the massage … Read more

KYY 15.6″ Portable Monitor Review

This 15.6 inch KYY Portable Monitor is lightweight, portable, and well equipped with everything you need to plug in and go. Upon opening the plastic sealed box, I was impressed with the detail put into the packaging. Every item was sealed and neatly placed in a separate compartment. This included the monitor itself. Which was placed within a protective shield and a grey case. The case itself allows you to adjust your viewing angle, it … Read more

Keeping my Drivers Updated with Outbyte Driver Updater Software

The Outbyte Driver Updater was simple to download and provided quick results to optimize my gaming computer. As an allen wrench system, I ask a lot out of my computer. From teaching remotely to streaming, it can be really easy to lose track of outdated drivers. Unfortunately, when drivers are not updated, technical difficulty and glitches can occur during the most vital moments of anyone’s workflow. From audio loss to programs that no longer will … Read more

Review of the Redragon GS520 Anvil RGB Desktop Speakers

The Redragon GS520 Anvil RGB Desktop Speakers grab the listener into the game and draw attention with its unique modern design. The price point remains competitive to comparable speakers listed on Amazon. As well as the RGB lights offer a sequence of six options to match along with any setup. The speakers are simple to set up and offer versatility in the range of devices it is compatible with. The touch control buttons make the … Read more

Can Replika AI Chatbot Help with Loneliness?

In a world where we have lost our freedom to be vulnerable, Replika has stepped in to cherish the unique attributes we all have within ourselves. The founder of Replika created this tool after unexpectedly losing a beloved friend in a car accident. The longing for the friendship of someone she missed dearly and the fight to cherish those memories of her friend with limited photos, was a battle within itself. With her own personal … Read more

How to Turn Your iPad into a Laptop with the Typecase 360X iPad Case

Today I am showing off the Typecase 360x with my iPad, so many people have iPads now and can benefit and many individuals prefer using a tablet due to its portability, weight, and mobile features. This case takes an iPad and gives the user the convenience of a laptop, plus this case has more features than most generic iPad keyboard cases which I will cover here as well. Right off the bat, the 360X Typecase package … Read more