How to Turn Your iPad into a Laptop with the Typecase 360X iPad Case

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Today I am showing off the Typecase 360x with my iPad, so many people have iPads now and can benefit and many individuals prefer using a tablet due to its portability, weight, and mobile features. This case takes an iPad and gives the user the convenience of a laptop, plus this case has more features than most generic iPad keyboard cases which I will cover here as well.

Right off the bat, the 360X Typecase package includes an easy to follow guide of shortcut keys, a USB charger, and a polycarbonate case.

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The shortcut keys allow you to conveniently perform a variety of actions with the simple stroke of a button. From combining command keys to buttons that already have an assigned function. Some of the shortcut designated keys are: changing the level of brightness from dark to light, video play controls (pause, play, forward, backward), backlight adjustments, and closing an open tab on your tablet. The color changing key allows you to choose between a multitude of different solid colors or a gradual ROYGBIV sequence of all the colors. You can also choose the dimness of the backlight or opt to turn it off completely.

The keyboard allows you to increase your work or typing performance by offering the system functioning of a computer keyboard. There even is a key to open up the digital iPad keyboard from your case, if you prefer to do so! No longer are the days of pulling off the case to use your iPad’s default features!

The battery light indicates when the device needs to be charged and shows a light when it’s properly plugged into a charger. The Typecase uses lithium ion technology and automatically goes to sleep when the case is not in use. This extends the duration of a single charge and reduces how often the case will need to be recharged. Around the shell of the case is a sliding power button that also acts as the activation signal for the wireless Bluetooth function. If you want to opt out from using the keyboard, but still want to use the shell, this button allows you to do that. Along with that, its Bluetooth pairing is simple and quick to do. Once it’s paired, your iPad will automatically sync up when the keyboard is on and in range of the device.

The case itself fits an 11” iPad Pro perfectly. It has a strap on the side of the case for an Apple pen and it holds the pen securely, preventing it from falling off easily. The top of the iPad is not blocked, so if your pen needs to be charged, it can still magnetically attach to the iPad with the case on. Oftentimes, protective cases can be built with holes that don’t line up with the functional features of a device and are made from plastic that is poorly aligned. This can cause the flash to ruin a photo by reflecting the light onto the image that is being captured.

Fortunately, this case is aligned properly to the 11” iPad Pro and the camera’s flash does not cause a glare on the photo when it is taken.

On the back of the case there are 4 rubber pads on each corner to help reduce the chance of slipping when the keyboard is in use. 

The case can fold and be converted into 7 unique positions, thanks to the tablet and keyboard being connected in a way that allow it to be swiveled in a complete circle. This is handy when presenting, reading, and typing.

The cover can close forward completely, which allows the user to conceal the keyboard and tablet within its protective shell. It can also be placed in the position of a tent, laptop, hung on the side of a desk, keyboard folded in with the tablet still exposed, and reserved to stand up with the keyboard facing the opposite side. The Typecase is sturdy and strong enough to hold the tablet in the upright laptop position. 

Note: The tablet and keyboard sections of the case are attached and cannot be separated. The Typecase closes similarly to a laptop and doesn’t shut quickly without pressure. 

When ordering the Typecase 360X, note the Typecase shell does come in a variety of colors to fit each individual’s own preference. 

Overall the case brings peace of mind to the user by encasing that tablet within a reliable shell and offering the functionality of a laptop, without losing the desired benefits of a tablet. 


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.