Indie hit Star Traders: Frontiers announces mod support, opens signups for mod tools early access

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The Trese Brothers, developers of award-winning space sim RPG Star Traders: Frontiers, announced today that they will be adding mod support to the game, in a Steam post celebrating the 250+ free content updates made since the game’s release.

“We reached a point in Star Traders’ development where we could zoom out and consider larger-scope changes to the game,” said Andrew Trese, Co-founder and Creative Director. “Players’ feedback and ideas have always been a deep pool for us to draw from, and the game’s momentum is still going so strong years after release. Adding mod support seems like a natural expansion.”


As a galaxy-spanning sandbox RPG, Star Traders: Frontiers offers many opportunities for modding. Gameplay includes:

  • turn-based starship combat & Darkest-Dungeon-like crew combat with a variety of ship components, crew jobs, and gear to choose from.
  • dynamic NPC-assigned missions that test a Captain’s skills at diplomacy, exploration, espionage, commerce, and more 
  • open-ended trading or smuggling between planets and across quadrants
  • a strategy layer requiring Captains to navigate the always-shifting political intrigues and conflicts of six main factions.

“We’ve always loved the idea of adding mod support to our games,” said Cory Trese, Co-Founder and Technical Director. “Star Traders has the playerbase, the depth, and I think an agelessness that will really make it worth the investment.”

The Tools & Possibilities

The initial scope of mod support will include:

  1. A basic save-game editor all players will be able to use to customize their personal playthroughs.
  2. Steam Workshop tools for uploading & downloading mods, and a separately-installed moddable build of the game.
  3. Officially-supported access & documentation to the game database for mod creation.

Some fans have already found ways to make limited mods or utilities for the game, from swapping in custom outfits for their characters to a tool for planning ship builds. But with open access to the game database and Steam Workshop integration for mod distribution, mods will be much easier to create, install, and maintain.

A Call for Modders (And a Chance to Get Early Access)

Any interested mod creators and contributors can sign up to get an email when mod tools for Star Traders: Frontiers are fully released. Through this form modders can also ask to be considered for a mod tools early access group later this summer.

This group will get early access to the tools,  provide feedback that will help determine what modding capabilities and features are prioritized, and might have mods they create officially featured by Trese Brothers when they fully launch mod support.

A Next Frontier for Star Traders

Games like Darkest Dungeon saw an explosion of new content, new character classes, and new gear created when mod support was added, while Path of Exile’s data APIs allowed developers to create incredibly useful player utilities for a similarly deep and complex RPG. 

The Trese Brothers are excited to add mod support, and hope it provides another great boost to a fan-favorite game.

About Star Traders: Frontiers

Launched in 2018, Star Traders: Frontiers is available on Steam (PC / Mac / Linux), Android, and iOS. It is the latest title in the Trese Brothers’ longest-running series of games, and has received critical acclaim from Rock Paper Shotgun, Strategy Gamer, Pocket Tactics, and others.

Players are the captain of a starship venturing through a massive open universe. Customize your crew and take command at the helm of your very own ship as you explore a galaxy torn apart by internal strife, alien threats, and political intrigue.

About Trese Brothers Games

For over 10 years the Trese Brothers have been creating deep, highly-replayable RPGs. They have built a reputation as a players-first studio with regularly-updated long-lifespan games, no exploitative IAPs, and personal involvement in player communities. Their next title, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, is a dark-future heist RPG, in-development after raising over $200k on Kickstarter.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.