Redragon M907 INSPIRIT Gaming Mouse Review

So I tend to like reviewing Redragon products as they make excellent peripherals for computers at a good price.  Lately I was sent the Redragon M907 INSPIRIT to review.  This is a gaming mouse that supports 14,400 DPI and has 9 total buttons (8 programmable) and each one of the 8 can be configured with the software.  The Inspirit mouse also has an extra 3rd thumb button as well which is nice.

The inspirit feels good under the hand and is a decent sized mouse that isn’t too small or too large.  The scroll wheel has the rubberized texture that makes it easy to keep your finger on it and slide just the right amount.  The DPI buttons are easy to switch the various profiles and there are 3 thumb buttons which are convenient to program to whatever you need them to be.  Two are on top of your thumb, one is in front of your thumb.

The mouse is very smooth all over but to does have a few textured grill areas for your thumb and pinky. These help allow more airflow to keep your hands cooler and if you have sweaty hands they help a little by not confining and reducing airflow.

The braided cord is thick and long enough for any arrangement I could think of.  I have had some mice where the cord was so heavy it could pull on the mouse interfering with your movement but this mice has a good braided cord that doesn’t seem to get in the way.

Now I don’t know why the Inspirit has 7200DPI hard listed on the bottom of the mouse, because you can configure it in the software to 14400, maybe this was the default limit or something or they re-used the shell from an older mouse model.

The Inspirit doesn’t have all the colored area’s like the M711 gaming mouse does, but you still can change the color of what little area’s glow on this Inspirit mouse.  For $10 more than the M711 I think this mouse only really gives you an extra thumb button (8 instead of 7 programmable) and overall has wider wings for your thumb.

Showcasing the thumb grill and wings plus the color that shines through.  In the bottom photo you can see you can change the color on the scroll wheel as well.

Overall the Redragon Inspirit is a decent mouse but I wouldn’t say it is worth $10 more than the M711 Cobra Gaming mouse in my opinion.


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