Immerse Yourself in Gaming Glory with the Redragon M995

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Are you ready to elevate your gaming experience to new heights? Look no further than the Redragon M995 Gamer Mouse, a powerhouse designed for precision, speed, and versatility. With a host of features that cater to gamers of all levels, the M995 is set to become your go-to device for an immersive and responsive gaming session.

At the heart of the M995 is its 26K DPI optical sensor, delivering unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity. Whether you’re engaging in fast-paced FPS battles or navigating through intricate strategy games, the M995 ensures every movement is tracked with precision. With a DPI range from 100 to an impressive 26,000, this gamer mouse allows you to customize your sensitivity on the fly, adapting to the needs of different gaming scenarios.

The innovative 3 Modes Connect Tech sets the M995 apart from the competition. Offering Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and Type-C wired connectivity options, this mouse provides the flexibility to connect to your gaming rig, laptop, or even mobile devices seamlessly. Switch between modes effortlessly, ensuring you stay connected no matter the platform you choose for your gaming adventure.

Weighing in at a mere 51 grams, the M995 boasts an ultra-light design that minimizes fatigue during extended gaming sessions. The ergonomic natural grip build ensures a comfortable fit in your hand, allowing for precise control without sacrificing comfort. The mouse’s form factor is crafted to provide a natural grip, reducing strain on your hand and wrist during prolonged use.

Customization is key when it comes to gaming peripherals, and the M995 doesn’t disappoint. With six programmable buttons and on-board memory, you can tailor the mouse to your preferred gaming style. Assign macros, functions, or specific commands to the programmable buttons, and store them directly on the mouse for quick access during gameplay. The durable buttons, rated for up to 20 million clicks, guarantee longevity and consistent performance.

The M995 features the high-precision Optical Sensor 3395, delivering smooth and accurate tracking for your every move. This sensor is the secret weapon for gamers who demand pixel-perfect precision and responsiveness in their gameplay. The mouse’s backlit design, with illumination limited to the wheel scroll, adds a touch of flair to your gaming setup without compromising on battery life.

The M995 offers multiple connectivity options, allowing you to choose the mode that best suits your gaming environment. Whether you prefer the stability of a wired connection, the convenience of wireless, or the flexibility of Bluetooth for on-the-go gaming, the M995 has you covered. The inclusion of a Type-C cable ensures fast and reliable wired connectivity.

In terms of power, the M995 is equipped with a lithium polymer battery, ensuring long-lasting performance during intense gaming sessions. The package includes a Type-C cable for charging, and with a compact design, the mouse is perfect for gaming on the go.

The M995’s package is thoughtfully curated to enhance your overall experience. It includes the Redragon M995 Mouse, a Type-C cable, a Redragon sticker to showcase your brand allegiance, and a comprehensive user manual to guide you through setup and customization. For the Tri-Mode version, a receiver is included to facilitate wireless connectivity.

In conclusion, the Redragon M995 Gamer Mouse is a game-changer in the world of gaming peripherals. With its advanced features, ergonomic design, and multi-connectivity options, it stands as a testament to Redragon’s commitment to delivering top-notch gaming experiences. Elevate your gameplay with the M995 and immerse yourself in a world of precision, comfort, and style.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.