How Good is The Redragon S101 Gamer Bundle Setup

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This article will talk about the budget Redragon S101 Gaming Combo that you can order right now from Amazon. The box got delivered 7 days early from Amazon, although it wasn’t inside another box it turned up in good condition and was still sealed. The cost was $49.99 with free delivery to the US. The box contains a mouse, keyboard. Headset and mousemat.

 Redragon S101 Mouse  ( 3200 DPI )

After installing the Redragon software I find out that the mouse is the Redragon Centrophorus Gaming Mouse ( M602-3 ). The mouse is light and easy to handle. The side buttons 1 has a texture on it and the other doesn’t which makes it easier to distinguish between them. The click of the buttons is audible but not too loud. The scroll wheel is nice and a good width for my fingers. The DPI is very easy to change using a dedicated button, there is a little light behind that flashes different speeds so you know what DPI the mouse is set to ( It is also possible to change the 4 DPI settings in the software ).  Although the keyboard has RGB the mouse is Red only.

The mouse comes with Weights Built in to the mouse underneath, accessible by approx 15 degree turn.  The 8 weights inside are approx 2.5g each. So you have a 20g weight adjustment leeway. This makes quite a difference to the mouse and ease of moving. I prefer all the weights in the mouse, but my wife prefers them out.

The Keyboard

When first plugged in it lights up and is all RGB, this is just one of the ‘modes’ that the keyboard has, the keyboard can be changed from RGB to Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Cyan and White. There is also a color swapping breathing mode which can be slowed or sped up to your own speeds. There are 4 levels of brightness, from off to High. Even at night the keys are still easy to see and not too bright.

Although its a membrane keyboard, the keys are really reactive and easy to type on. Gaming is so much better and easier with these keys due to the nice action and response of the keys.

The Headset

The headset comes with dual 3.5mm 3 connection plugs (Mic and Headset) but what I found useful was the adapter that combines them both into a 4 connection 3.5mm plug which is compatible with my Samsung phone. The lead is 6 ft in length which makes it about normal but a little short for my usage. But this was solved with a couple of 1m extensions from amazon.

Its a stereo headset with 103dB sensitivity and 40mm directional drivers that give exceptional precision from the audio. Music has plenty of bass and games sound very good. The stereo effect works amazing in games that are using stereo sound.

Although the ear cups are small for my larger ear they still sit comfortable over them and are very well padded, Th head strap is very adjustable by approx an inch either side. The head strap has padding and sits comfortably on my head. Although after 30 mins of use they seem a little hard, so the padding may not be thick enough. But I do have a hard head and my wife can wear them for longer periods of time without any problems. They do not light up as these are NOT USB so there is no way power to light up can be applied to them.

The microphone is quite sensitive and picks up the higher sounds as well as the low sounds. It folds up out of the way but does not mute the microphone, the movement is smooth and quiet (cannot be heard while talking to others).

Mouse Mat

The mousemat is good quality, 330mmx260mmx5mm so is a nice size for gaming or even DTP work. The image is silk screen onto the mat and is of very nice quality. The bottom is made from a rubber compound which doesnt allow the mat to move abut like some other mats. Its also waterproof so can be cleaned very easily. I dont know if its machine washable but wet wipes are great for this sort of thing anyway.


Very good value and really nice quality. Well worth the $49.99 paid. The mouse is quick and responsive, the keyboard took me some getting used to as I had a really cheap and bad quality one before but once i had got used to it, the keyboard is awesome! The headset had nice sound and a reasonable bass for the headset size. The mousemat is really nice to use (and i am still using it now!!) Overall. One of the best combo on the market for the price range! I would definitely recommend this to anyone with about $50 to spend on a keyboard / mouse/ headset.

Redragon S101 Gaming Bundle Rating : 10/10 as a bundle

Below is a link to the Redragon software for the mouse in this combo set, as I found it hard to find (this is due to not knowing which mouse it was in the 1st place) REDRAGON_M601-3_EN_setup_Win10_20180827_WHQL.rar

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.