Redragon S101 Gaming Mouse Keyboard Set Review

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I got to get my hands on the Redragon S101 Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Set and now I will admit I know nothing of this company. That’s what made me want to do the review as I love testing out stuff from places I never seen before or heard of and the price on Amazon means that even if this keyboard/mouse combo were good but not great it would still have been a great deal.

When you get the box at home like I did you will see each piece has it own name. The keyboard is called Vajra and the mouse is called Centrophorus . You can also see the box has every detail  you may need to know about it. I will post a few pictures of the box for you now.



As you can see the box is well done listing all the information you need and getting you excited for the products inside the box, so you know what you getting for specs and other details.

Once you open the box you are presented with the mouse and keyboard. There is also instruction book and a key removal tool. You will see these in the next few pictures.



Redragon Vajra Gaming Keyboard!

Let first talk about the keyboard that come in the Redragon S101 gaming set. The Vajra keyboard is a nice looking black and red. The Vajra comes with a few light up sections but they keys themselves are not backlit which would have been a plus. The Vajra also has swappable WASD key and Arrow keys.

That is why they send a key removal tool in the box. Now a few more specs about the Vajra is that there a variable speed control for typing. This function is activated and deactivated by holding the FN key and the Q key. I did test this but didn’t feel much need for it to be honest. There are also 12 media keys also. To use these you just use the FN key and the F1 threw F12. Like I said before the WASD and direction keys are swappable but one part I did not tell you yet was they are also interchangeable by holding the FN key and the W  key. This will change which keys do what on the Vajra keyboard. To me this is a very nice touch as if you need to use the arrows, this simply reassigns the WASD keys as your arrow keys. The Vajra keyboard can also use 19 keys together with no conflict. I will post a few pictures of the keyboard now so you can see it with and without lights on. These pictures will also show you the keys being removed on and off.

Key removal on the Vajra






As you can see from the pictures right above the lighting effect isn’t much with the lights on in the house. Once you shut the lights of it looks like some angry monster hiding on you desk with two big red eyes.  Though if you wanted your keyboard keys to be lit so you could see exactly the letters in the dark you would be out of luck.

The Redragon Vajra keyboard also has a nice braided cable. That makes for much nicer look.


So I put the Vajra threw it paces on some game. This game such as GTA5, Neverwinter, Mortal Kombat x, and several others. To say the least there are some ups and down. There was a few times when I tested the interchangeable key and got confused. I prefer my standard key placement. Now that may just be me so don’t hold that against the Vajra, like when you try typing in game you can’t really type to your friends without switching the mode back since the WASD key are on the other side of the board. I didn’t seem to have any issue with response or the feel of the keys. I was able to shoot or kill what was needed with no issue. I would have loved to see a few macros keys on the board but for what it is it works well.


Redragon Centrophorus Gaming Mouse!

Now let get into the Redragon S101’s gaming mouse that is included in the kit. This mouse is called the Cetrophorus. The Centrophorus mouse comes with weights. The Centrophorus mouse also has a braided cord. It has a 3 pre set dpi settings 1000, 1600,and 2000. Now the mouse is also lit up with LED’s. The difference in the brightness depends on your DPI settings. The Centrophorus is a 6 button mouse. The two side buttons, they claim can be changed to do what ever function you want but I could not find the download software when testing this part. So I cant say it worked or not.



Centrophorus with it weights showing!


Centrophorus lit up!


So I put the mouse threw some tests like comfort, game play, and normal use. The Redragon S101’s Centrophorus gaming mouse feels nice. I had no issues with long game play. The buttons feel good with no sticking. Now the DPI settings didn’t feel like much of a difference to me. One thing I did notice is without the weights in the mouse is so light that it annoyed me. I like a heavy mouse so I left the weights in and all of them.

When you get down to it the REDRAGON S101 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a nice fair priced set. You can do about what ever you want to with it and have no bad hiccups. The only real issue was I could not find the software and the issue of typing with the key swap was working. Other then that this is a great set for the price. Redragon did ok with the S101 kit. The Vajra and Centrophorus will make some one happy that is for sure.

I give the Redragon S101 4 and half star rating. This is due to the hiccups with the key swap and couldn’t find the software for customizing the thumb buttons.  Also it would have been great if  the keys could have been backlit.

You can also consider the Redragon M805 Hydra Max which is an excellent gaming mouse.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.