Redragon S113 Keyboard Mouse Combo Giveaway

So we previously ran a giveaway for the Redragon S101 keyboard and mouse combo that did very well, but this time thanks to sponsors like Porphirios, and more we are able to give an upgraded Redragon mouse/keyboard combo this one is the S113 and includes a Mechanical 10-keyless keyboard instead of a non-mechanical keyboard this time.  The Keyboard uses Outemu Brown switches which to me are the perfect blend between clickiness and quiet and overall, I prefer brown to blue switches myself personally.  Redragon as a gaming brand generally offers a fantastic price for performance margin on most of their products and what they do, they do really well.

As this keyboard and mouse combo is generally plug’n’play you could use it for your gaming computer, or even your console like the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 4 as well.  It should be generally compatible with anything that accepts USB input.

Enter To Win the Redragon S113 Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Redragon S113 Keyboard Mouse Combo Giveaway

Disclaimer: If you are an International winner (outside USA) you must provide a USA shipping address for the prize, or you can receive $40 PayPal or a Gift Card of your choice (Amazon/Steam/Kinguin…etc) instead as alternate prize.

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