Remote Utilities remote access software – a quick review.

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Remote Utilities (RUT), a diverse remote administration software if there ever was one. From managing remote servers to even complete control over multiple computers at once, even in different physical locations. This can be achieved through any of 15 different connection modes. From viewing the remote computer’s desktop to file transfers, and pretty well any other type of general computing option, this software is quite robust indeed.


With Remote Utilities software, you can even utilize an “unattended access” feature, which allows you to have round-the-clock 24/7 complete access to remote workstations & servers, regardless of physical locale. From a small server, that’s just a few feet away from you, to anywhere else worldwide, if it’s web-connected then you have access. Remote Utilities gives you complete access to any computer that has allowed access to it. This is especially useful for the traveling businessperson. You can transfer files, control device access, even utilize a webcam that’s on said computer as well! That last feature alone is worth looking into, as it gives you great potential for monitoring the surroundings around the accessed computer, acting as a security camera for you.

Some of the others in this software’s cornucopia of features are Power Control, Active Directory Support, MSI Configuration & Deployment, Firewall Bypass & even Mobile Support. From rebooting a PC in Safe Mode to using your mobile phone to access a server while bypassing it’s firewall, using a user ID & password, this beast just keeps getting better and better. There are
even a plethora of security options available, ensuring that the security & safety of passwords & traffic is as air-tight as you wish for it to be. Starting off with data encryption, giving a host access to multiple users, even a second security layer called “shared secret”, there are plenty of great options immediately at your fingertips. You can even have it automatically protect you from DDos attacks and “brute force” password cracking!


Full, active directory integration gives you unfettered access to your entire AD tree, allowing you to access any of the domain computers you’re connected to, at any time, from anywhere in the world. MSI Configuration gives you the ability to pre-configure the Remote Utilties software’s settings prior to installation during deployment. The RUT address book can hold up to
50,000 records, updating the software has been made extremely easy & non-cumbersome, and even upgrading is a no-hassle deal. You can also set different access permissions for different users, giving them complete freedom or limiting them to only being able to commit specific activities. You never need feel obligated to upgrade either, but if you choose to then they’re friendly and helpful with it. Every customer gets free lifetime minor upgrades made available to them, and one year of free major upgrades, right off the bat. The licenses are even life-long, so you can rest assured that you’re not just getting a limited-subscription license.


The Gateway Mediation Server (GMS) is also free, and acts as a router for your RUT traffic when using the RUT “Internet ID Connection”. There are numerous benefits to this add-on, from giving you complete and direct control over any local PC you’re connected to, and it runs completely independently from the RUT hosting service. You’ll get better connection speed from using GMS, primarily because of that direct, unadulterated connection. It’s also ready to go right away, with just a matter of a few clicks to direct RUT to it, there are no hidden costs (again, it’s FREE!) and it doesn’t take any special powerhouse computer to run it either.


The setup process is slightly confusing, but not so much that it takes a genius to do it (I mean, really, I was able to do it, of all people – haha). I do suggest that the Quick Start Guide be a little more explanatory, however, and also a pretty big annoyance that I ran into quickly, is that any computer you’re to connect to, it seems that the software will only install on it if it’s an administrator account. Even with giving a “standard” account Admin privileges, it still won’t work, the account must be an administrator account. A secondary issue I ran into, is that when you go to set the Host PC password, if you accidentally click “advanced”, there’s no way to go back to “basic”. The worst part about that? If you click “cancel”, it finishes the install without creating a password, and the only way to fix that is to uninstall and re-install the software again. Now, if you do choose to do the “advanced” password setup, in order to actually type the password into the appropriate fields, you must click the “Change password” button, below said fields. Only then will it allow you to create the password.

The basic password creator is straight-forward, simply allowing you to create the password. The advanced version, however, gives you a small-yet-handy selection of extra options, as reflected in the following images:








Connecting to the host computer is fairly easy, just make sure to follow the steps 100% in the Quick Start Guide. Connecting to a remote computer for access is really smooth and simple, and it works very well. Whatever you do, however, do NOT use the same computer to both host and view. Doing so causes a major system malfunction, repeatedly opening window after window of host connections, looping over and over again. I tested this, just to see if I could do it, and it happened just like that, despite the fact that I had set up and launched the Host on 1 user account, then connected to it through the Viewer on another account altogether. It seems that the software runs at the core of the operating system, which I find a bit scary, honestly. I’m not certain how well that’s intended to work on multi-user systems, but it seems a bit misconfigured, or insecurely-designed, in my opinion. All-in-all, it’s a simple-to-install software, but takes some patience & careful footwork, being that it’s not very explanatory, with the aforementioned issues only complicating it even further. So long as you don’t attempt to connect to the same machine you’re on (go ahead and laugh, I did), you should actually enjoy it a good bit. Their pricing is as follows:


If you’re interested, I recommend to check out the free 30-day FULL trial, which can be found at their website, Of course, the option to purchase the non-trial licenses is there as well. Anyway, until next time, feel free to leave any questions and/or comments below, and have a blessed day!

*To note, the downloads are zip files, which include both of the software applications needed and the Quick Start Guide as well.*

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.