Rend is Almost Here

Hello my friends, if you remember not too long ago, I headed off to PAX to meet, great, game and interview lots of devs to bring you guys the latest and greatest.

During that time, I was able to interview Dave from FrostKeep studios,… I kept saying FrostByte Studios and they never corrected me haha.

Sadly, I was not able to show you ANYTHING aside from some pictures but that is going to change on Friday, July 27.

Today the press embargo has lifted and I can talk a bit about it, but tomorrow I will show you some gameplay.  It killed me that I was able to see all the gameplay but I could not show you.

I have been playing the Alpha for a few days now and it is a bit difficult to get started, but the community is great and will help you out but make sure to try first before you start asking questions.  I will tell you at first I was clueless on what to do, running around in my underwear with boars, bears, velociraptors of sorts trying to destroy you along while you are battling the elements trying to stay alive.

Rend is a survival, fantasy team based game inspired by the fabled universe of Nordic myth.  You start off creating your character, kind of basic I would say and you have to first keep yourself alive from the brutal environment (heat, cold, dehydration, animals, etc) and then work your way to being a tough character.  The development of your character is pretty detailed where you have to make your clothes, weapons and more but you will see more soon.  Make sure to keep an eye out here on Dragonblogger’s Twitch channel and on ThisBytesForYou’s Youtube channel to catch some gameplay and be sure to ask questions away, I will try to answer all of them.

You can also check it out here on Steam:

Stay tuned at 8:00 a.m on the morning of Friday the 27th for some gameplay.

Here is ThisBytesForYou’s Youtube site:

Here is Dragonblogger’s Twitch site:

Check us out.

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