How to Repair Internet Explorer 9 in Windows 7

When my son’s laptop became almost unusable due to Yahoo Genio and other malware that had been installed as a result of his search for free Pokemon games, I learned something about Internet Explorer 9 that I wish all other browsers had.  Yes, this feature is something so awesome that Firefox and Google Chrome should implement it ASAP.

There is no way to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 or repair it from the Control Panel Programs like previous versions or Windows OS versions, instead the only way to truly repair Internet Explorer 9 is from inside Internet Explorer 9 itself.

Repair Internet Explorer 9

All you need to do to completely reset IE9 t0 it’s original install state is the following.

  • Open up Internet Explorer 9
  • Click on the gear in top right
  •  Click on Intenet Options
  • Click on Advanced Settings

  • Here you will click on Reset

You will get a popup telling you what this means and how it will wipe out all extensions, plugins, addons and custom changes to IE9.

  • Delete User information is recommended as well.

This feature works very well and you have a blank new fresh looking Internet Explorer 9 after performing it, but this alone won’t stop an instance re-corruption and infection if you don’t remove the problem malware in the first place.  So after doing this step, close out of IE9 and go into your Control Panel – Programs and uninstall everything that  you suspect could be a problem (any toolbars, free anything, Yahoo Genio and FunMoods…etc) These are all problems that will cause more problems on your Windows 7 PC.

You may want to also use PC Decrapifier to help clean up multiple programs en masse, it is one of my favorite utilities.

FCleaner and CCLeaner both do a good job optimizing and cleaning, but you may need Malwarebytes Anti-malware, AVG Antivirus 2012 and/or other programs to truly clean up what gunked up your Internet Explorer 9 in the first place.

Still, I had a much easier time cleaning out Internet Explorer 9 than I did with Chome which I had to completely uninstall and re-install /red0wnload to achieve the same results.  So from my point of view I finally found a feature in Internet Explorer 9 that I wish Google Chome and Firefox had.

-Dragon Blogger

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