Resound Hearing Aid and Resound Unite Phone Clip Review

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I, like many others in this country, wear hearing aids. I am not totally dependent upon them to hear, but they help in difficult situations when I need a little bit more volume, or when certain sounds seem impossible to hear. I also am one that suffers with a disorder known as Tinnitus.

While the causes are many, the cures are non-existent. Yes, some say certain combinations of herbs and minerals may help treat the condition, it does not always work, and they are, from my experience not available through most medical doctors.

I got my hearing aids last year or so, and was happy to find out that the VA covered a kind that was supposed to have features that would help with my Tinnitus. I got mine, and was happy with the clarity of voices, and how clearly I could hear things I did not even know made noise, but I did not find that they did anything to relieve the high pitched ringing I was hearing.

Just recently, I went to the VA and spoke with my doctor and they were surprised that they had forgotten to order the one thing that would have helped, so after a few minor adjustments to my Resound Hearing Aids, I was sent home to await the device that would change everything.


I received it a few weeks later, and set it on the charger for the recommended amount of time. It is not very big, but, it does a big job.

The Resound Unite Phone Clip is a remote if you will that ties the resound hearing aids to my phone or tablet using Bluetooth. I know have hearing aids I can use to answer my phone with, listen to music, or just about any audio content I desire. My world has changed.


Using the device is simple. Just turn the phone clip on, and remove the silver cap that covers the USB connection port. Turn the device over, so that you’re looking at the back, and with your hearing aids turned on, you press a small button with the tip of a pen or other similar object, and you will hear a tone in each of your hearing aids as they are paired with your Phone Clip. Next, turn on the Bluetooth for your phone or tablet, and press another button on the back of the device to pair the clip to your device.


Next, you will want to download the Resound Control application and if you suffer from Tinnitus like I do, there is another application to download as well. The first, “Resound Control” helps to tie the hearing aids and the clip to your phone or tablet to get the most out of it. The other, “Resound Relief”, does so much more.


With the Relief program running, you can have a background sound pumped into your hearing aids that will help mask the ringing, or chirping, or buzzing sounds your tinnitus produces. It comes with many preselected and designed pieces that all have a different sound to them. (I am partial to one that has both white and pink noise added, along with birds chirping, a little running water, and maybe a soft guitar strumming away).


It was like the ringing I have had since 2003 disappeared. I cried, I had not had even a moments rest from the noise in over 13 year, and yet with one device, it was as if I had never had tinnitus a day in my life.

Some might wonder if this is safe having sounds pumped into your head while driving or talking to others, and I say it is. I had no issues with either, and no trouble hearing what was being said around me. I can wear regular headphones with my Resound Hearing Aids in as well, and I have no problems at all. My life has changed.

So are there drawbacks to this whole thing? Yes. The first is, I have to have Bluetooth on all of the time, and I will burn through hearing aid batteries more than before. I will have two devices to keep charged instead of just one, and I have more to carry around, but it is so worth it.

Another thing I have run across is the distance between devices, and going out of range. If I leave my phone in the car, and walk into the store, I lose Bluetooth connection. When I get back to the car, I have to turn off and back on the devices, and reconnect them. A small hassle but a hassle just the same. I have found that if I need to leave let’s say the phone or tablet behind, I simply need to turn off the Phone Clip, then the audio on the phone or tablet, then when I get back into the car, I turn the phone clip back on, resume the audio and things work great. Of course, taking things with you can be done and makes life so much simpler.

Having tinnitus is rough, having a way to fight back even just for a few hours at a time is priceless. For me, Resound Hearing Aids, coupled with the Resound Unite Phone Clip was the best thing to happen to my sanity in years. If you are active-duty military, a veteran like myself, or one of the millions of others out there who suffers from ringing in the ears, or even just simply in need of hearing aids to make your life better, you owe it to yourself to check with your audiologist to see is Resound is right for you.

Note, sorry for the broken screen pics, sadly my screen fell on hard times but still functions well.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.